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How many hours per week do you workout?

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I recently read an article that states that if you are exercising more than 7-8 hours per week, you could be suffering from exercise addiction and be doing more harm than good to your body. How many hours are you logging per week for exercise?

Per week, I get around 4 1/2 - 5 hours of exercise. Three hours on weight lifting (60 min x 3 times a week), and one hour forty minutes of cardio (three 20 min SS sessions after lifting and two 20 min HIIT sessions on non lifting days). I make sure to take 2 days off per week where I do no exercise at all. My off days are Tues and Sun.


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Hmmmm.....I don't think that time frame would be obsessive. But I usually end up doing 6-8 hours a week myself. I go to the gym 4-5x a week and am there roughly 1 1/2 hrs. Then I do videos at home, walk, and play wii active too. 

I like what I'm doing. I am weight training once a week now. I was lifting 2x a week, but my husbands getting kinda nervous as I'm getting some noticable muscle. Which is fine and great, but I don't want to get any more noticable. I have 40lbs still to shed! :)

Doesn't sound like an addiction to  ME.  I think the amount you're working out is about "normal".  Personally, I spend about 35 min. a day on my Pilates machine. (You don't have to take a break, since you aren't tearing the muscles, as with weight training.  I've done both...)  But BEFORE I got Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I did an hour four days a week and an hour and a half three days a week (which included half an hour of weight training).  And that was about the same as everyone else with whom I worked out.  I'd say....Keep it GOIN'!

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I'd hardly call 1 hour a day an addiction. When I read people stating they spend 3-4 hours in a gym that seems whacked to me. I must have sleep addiction though. What I could do with those 56 hours per week if I didn't need to sleep. ;)

I agree with jturnerx and everyone else: an hour a day hardly seems addictive.That sounds like the makings of a pretty healthy, realistic, and completely doable lifestyle.

Also, I guess it depends what people are counting as exercise. You mean however long I actually spend in gym clothes, sweating it out at the gym or pounding the pavement? Cario only? Does lifting and stretching count? Does walking or biking to school or work? Walking up stairs? Chasing kids around? Doing the dishes? Sex?

I'd say a better indication would be your state of mind if you skip a day or two of working out. Do you feel anxious? Do you start feeling unhinged? Most addicts can't live without the thing that they're addicted to, or it's a struggle to go without it, whatever they are addicted to--cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, bad relationships, etc. So I would think being addicted to exercise is no different. I would think that real exercise addicts have a certain obsessive frame of mind that is separable from how many hours they log at the gym.

EDIT: Oh, and for the record, if you're just counting my sweating-in-gym-clothes time, I exercise about 6-8 hours a week.

alot depends on whether you are in middle of weight loss, or maintaining- caloric intake etc.  I do three miles walking a day plus pilates( for about 45  mins) then in summer add in swimming but do not walk on night I swim 40 laps. I have lost from 280 down to 210 but hit plateau.  I am still working out.  the ortho dr. that did my back surgery suggested that I do 2-3 miles 7 days a week for the rest of my life to strengthen my back and also pilates for strengthen and stretches also. FOREVER.   Now If you were running say 10-15 miles per day plus doing other stuff now that would probably be too much. check your caloric intake and output and keep it in desirable level for maintaining whatever weight you are.  I do not believe and hour exercise a day even 7 days is too much, but one rest day is always good.

I'm not living at the gym. I work out 5-6 hours a week (5-6 days, an hour each time).

My gym is rife with these skinny little women who spend at least two hours at the gym. I see them walk in when I do then after my hour work out going into an hour class. WHAT THE HELL

ha, well, im on the lower end i suppose and its about all i want to do.

i do about 2.5-3 hrs of excercise per week.  most of it is weight liftting, toning w a little cardio mixed in, mostly at home.

About 12-14 hours.


I'm at 7-8 hours. 90 minutes, 4 days a week (M-Th) as part of a woman's body shaping class, same type of workout on friday for 60 min. Then maybe 30 min cardio Sat/Sun

I also read an article recently that there have been serious discussion to up the recommended daily cardio from 30 minutes/day to 60 minutes/day.

I really dont think an hour a day is obsessive...but that may be because I do about an hour a day 6 days a week.

Who wrote the guidelines, the Couch Potato Association? Really, an hour a day is healthy. But then, it also depends on your motivation to exercise - whether or not you have a healthy attitude.

I do about three hours at the gym a week, plus walking around a fair bit during my daily life. I'd probably do more if my ED therapist hadn't told me not to! I think it's more about the state of mind people can get into rather than the amount.

Min of 10... a lot higher when training for races/marathons. Always take one day off a week - sometimes two.

Today is my day off for the week - including not going into the gym -it's where I work- yay!. Plan on sitting by the pool or rather lying on a raft in the pool, listen to awesome music with some even more awesome friends and an adult beverage in my hand.

Well hmmm I exercise for about 12 hours every week.... I guess I am addicted? Well I cetainly am addicted to how it makes me feel afterward! I love the PEP it gives me and the energy to take on the rest of the day! I don't exercise to lose weight, I exercise to feel healthy & energized & toned!

These articles are always geared to the stereotype... but not everyone falls into that category!

I do about 15 hours of cardio a week. I suppose I am addicted, but I love how I feel afterwards!

About 10 hours. 1 1/2 hours everyday.

It really depends on what you classify as exercise.  If you only count scheduled workouts, then I workout about 3-4 hours per week.  Weights 3 x 30 mins and cardio 3 x 30-60 mins, but if you count in walking and playing games like dance dance revolution it would be at least 10 hours per week total.  For example on tuesday I took the kids out and walked almost 6 hours all told, pushing 100 pounds of stroller and children up and down hills.  Monday I played DDR for an hour and walked to the store and back for another hour.  I also walk 30 mins to work 3 days a week, but don't count it as formal exercise.

Reading all the posts here I am starting to wonder is my meager 6 hrs a week is adequate? 

30 minutes a day is advised just to stay healthy, reduce risk of heart attack etc. If you're trying to lose weight/tone up/get fitter/stronger I would say at least an hour a day is necessary. Though mixing it up so you don't lift weights two days in a row so your muscles can repair themselves.

As was mentioned before I think it's the feelings of anxiety and stress if you can't get to the gym that would be indicative of addiction rather than spending an hour a day there.

Original Post by dave98z3:

Reading all the posts here I am starting to wonder is my meager 6 hrs a week is adequate? 

Is it working for you? If so then it's adequate :)

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