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Horseback riding?

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Ok, so I'm new here. I have two horses, one retired and one getting back into the swing of things since an injury. How many calories does one burn riding. I did a 5 mile ride with just some trotting and my legs are killing me (as are his probablyWink) so I know I was using some muscles and I know riding does burn calories. I'll be getting more riding in now that it's spring and Daylight savings has arrived. I also plan to get on my bike and ride more.....gas is so expensive too. Anyone just starting out? I have gained about 20 pounds since I got married in 2006. I need help!
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go here and pick which suits you best
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I have to put different types of riding into my log often. Basically I always try to time how long I'm actually on, and then estimate how many total hours of work I'm doing. I never put in "riding - general" because I have NO idea what that is supposed to mean..

Usually I enter about 30 minutes of "saddling horse, grooming horse" and then 20 minutes of "horse back riding - walking" and 40 minutes of "horse back riding - trotting".

If it's pleasure riding I cut the calories (time) in half, because that barely takes any effort. I read somewhere that an inexperienced rider burns LOTS of calories just sitting on a horse and walking-- however, if you have an experienced seat then you hardly burn anything at all. If I'm jumping I add something like 15% effort.

I think it all comes down to how you personally want to estimate it. ^^

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WOW! I must burn a million calories trying to get my guys clean! Thanks! I couldn't find riding anywhere.
so how many calories does chasing down and dragging a baby donkey to her stall count for? jk. glad to see there are other "horsey" people on here! now i know im not the only one that has "feeding horses" as an activity!
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