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At home work out tips

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The summer is coming up and will have plenty of time to exercise. Would should I do to increase my stamina strength and weight loss. There aren't any gyms near me.
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Do plank and running in the beginning to increase your strength and stamina
Last summer I did some backpacking around several local lakes, fishing. I didn't catch much, but it was very fun and relaxing to be out in nature and burned a helluva lot of calories in a 5-10 hour trip.
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Im a stay at home mom and I do jillian michaels workout videos

I found the Wii Fit Plus and Balance Board very helpful when the weather is crappy and you can't get out and now I'm addicted to it. I also bought the Fit in Six by Wii and I love it. At first I thought this is just another kid's game, but the workouts are great and I work up a sweat with them. 

I do DVD's at home and have some free weights.  Do you have access to any equipment at home?  I think you can find good info under the fitness tab at the top of the page on equipment less workouts.   A good combination of strength training and cardio 4-5 times a week would be good :)  If you don't have weights, you can start with body weight stuff like planks, push ups, pull up's, etc.

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try kettlebell(s)

i have an elliptical trainer and stationary bike at home and small weights  i love to work out at home because i dont have to drive anywhere and the best part, i dont have to do my hair or anything  

Check out ;

Get on youtube and look up pop pilates videos!

They're awesome, but hard. All you need is a mat (or a carpet ^^) and I guess a computer to watch the video.

Anyway, good luck!
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