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At home Strength Training?! Help!

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I am female 19 years old and just wanting to tone up a little during recovery and get some muscle mass back. What are some good at home strength training exercises that either involves no equipment or only dumbells? Also how many reps should I do with them.

When recovered I do cardio, but just need a good strength training routine.. Any advice is great!
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You can probably find some good circuit-like routines in women's health or men's health or any of those magazines.

Anything like push-ups, burpees, etc will work wonders.

I'm very fond of the  Options for equipmentless workouts thread, but you must clear any workout with your recovery team before attempting any of it.

Are you working with a team for your recovery? Looking at some recent threads, it appears that you are still very underweight. I'm not sure it would be wise for you to start lifting (or doing any exercise) yet.

From what I've read in the H&S forum, people gain back muscle as part of recovery, even if they aren't exercising. Exercise can make it even more difficult for you to gain (because you have to eat more to make up the extra calorie burn) and at your BMI, I'd be very worried about the strain on your heart that exercise could have.

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I just downloaded the Nike Training Club ap on my iPhone and love it!  The workouts are intense and u have the option to chooses from so many. . . the best part is that it is free!!  I have tried the cardio blast and the arm workouts both kicked my ass.  Good luck!

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