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Hip pain/popping?

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I've been running now since the end of April, and I'm up to 5 miles. I usually alternate every day by doing 4 miles/5 miles. For the last couple months, my left hip (like, right where the leg bone inserts into the hip it feels like... right on the side of my booty) has been having a "popping" sensation when I walk. My right hip used to do it but no longer does. When this first started, it was not painful at all... but now, it's very painful. The extreme pain actually only started yesterday. I noticed it when I went to work in the evening. Walking was hurting, sitting in certain positions was hurting (stretching... I coach gymnastics), jumping was hurting. After awhile, it went away. Now this morning when I went out for my run, I started, and nearly fell over because it was so painful. I even almost started crying, haha. I stopped, walked for a bit, then started up again, and it was OK. Throughout the run, it hardly bothered me at all. But now, I'm back, and after sitting down for about 15 minutes, I get up, and the pain is terrible.

What do you think this is? Should I tone down my running a bit? (eek!)

Ouchie. :(

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I have the same problem! - not sure i can help, donno what to do myself. It is not painful at all, yet distracting. It doesn't happen when i run, but when i walk! do you think we should go to the doctor? It would be very helpful if you share any information you'll get.

Hope you feel better. me too:)

weird! i don't know what it is. i would definitely go to the doctor... but i can't - no health insurance! haha. be careful if your's isn't painful yet... right now it's unbearable to just walk!

this is poopy. if it's not one thing with me, it's the other. ha

 Sounds like you may be having joint/ligament trouble.

 That won't go away on it's own. And it will only get worse if you try to train through it - never train injuries. You should know this, you're a coach :)

 You really, really need to be looked at by someone medically competent - try the emergency room services while you're in pain.

 (This is why single-payer health care should happen. If you could go to the doctor and have it looked at you wouldn't have to try to live with near-crippling pain and risk permanent injury. It could be nothnig much, it could be serious - and you won't know until you get it checked out.)

I have the same joint-popping thing in my hip when I walk. It's not on every step - more like every 3rd or 4th - and it isn't painful (at least not yet).  I used to do long jump & triple jump in Track, so I attributed it to all the strain & jumping on my legs. Running really isn't an option for me much anymore so I stick to an elliptical machine and medium-impact dance/aerobics.

A few years ago I had a shoulder injury and when I went to physical therapy, I was told that my joints are more loose than the average person... even my jaw will pop if I'm eating something really chewy!

So definitely be careful. You might be more prone to joint injury and need to reevaluate your workouts so that you don't do any more damage.

I have a similar problem. It started one day when I was walking to work, and like you I almost fell over from the sudden pain. Went to doc, was sent to PT, then to chiropractor. The chiropractor helped, but every so often, it starts hurting again, not as bad as the first time, but still pretty painful.  They say it's my pelvic bones - one is off-kilter a little.  I still haven't figured out how to prevent it from happening. If you can afford it, try a chiropractor.  Good luck. 
Mine do this whenever I exercise (run or bike) as well.  It's very frustrating, and one of the main reasons I don't exercise (the other being, I just really hate it). 
I've had something similar going on for years, on and off. First thing you want to do is get your gait analyzed. Go to a running store that will do this service for free. I am going to bet you may have a pronation issue, or leg-length discrepancy.

A -length discrepancy is when one leg longer than the other. This can be acquired or congenital. Congenital means you were born with it, and you probably need a heel lift in the shoe of your shorter leg.

If it's an acquired deficiency, it can be caused by running too often on a sloped surface. Do you run on the road? If so, the surface is likely sloped, and over time, one leg will lengthen and the other shorten to compensate.

This is easily fixed by running only on flat surfaces. I'd wait until your pain has healed though -give yourself a good week or two with no running. And get a new pair of shoes, particularly if your shoes are worn unevenly.

I don't know your age, but it can also be arthritis. Osteoarthritis is wear-and-tear of the joint, and quite common as we age. Autoimmune arthritis can affect you at any age, and often inflammation starts at a joint that has been injured. If once you get warmed up, you can run and the pain doesn't return until afterwards, this could possibly indicate an arthritic issue.

I have autoimmune arthritis that has affected my hip for a long time, on and off. I did probably originally have an injury too. Nowadays I have stiffness for several hours starting in the morning (sometimes lasting all day), accompanied by the popping sound, achiness, and when I run sometimes I get this grinding feeling of bone-on-bone, right where you are describing. If I run longer than 30 minutes, I'm apt to experience inflammation in that area, and be terribly achy for a few days. But it's more achy than PAIN. Pain sounds to me like you may have an injury. If I just walk or run slow and gentle for under 30 minutes, it actually makes it feel better.

Or it could be bursitis, which is inflammation of the bursa at the hip joint. The bursa can actually burst if it's bad enough. This can be very painful indeed. The cure is ice, rest and ibuprofen.

For all of these conditions, GENTLE stretching will help - but be careful not to overdo it!! Also, stretch all over your body and not just at the hip. Often tightness or injury in a muscle is because we are tight somewhere else. Yoga is excellent for this.

Since you don't have health insurance, my best advice is ice, complete rest - no running!! no gymnastics!! - for at least a week, ibuprofen (take it round the clock every 6 hours for a few days), heat if the ice causes more pain, and very verrrryyyy gentle stretching. And get your gait analyzed!

If you do all of that and it comes back again, you probably need to find a way to see a doctor.  
P.s. I meant to add that the popping by itself is nothing to worry about. It's the pain you need to worry about. Popping happens.
I'm curious, I have hip popping, but never pain. It's mainly just annoying. However, I was a hurdler in track for 5 years, and had one pilates instructor tell me that I had the loosest hip joints she had ever seen. Anyone else out there a hurdler?
I just found this, about "snapping hip syndrome" - appinghip.htm
I found the same article :) I also spoke to an old athletic trainer and he thinks that may be the case. I was a gymnast for 18 years with no hip problems whatsoever, so this has to be from my running. I did a different workout today... cardio, plyometrics, jumping rope. All this was done on a spring floor (gymnastics) and I had little pain during the workout, which was nice. I thought for sure it was going to kill me. I think the softer surface helped out. It is still sore tonight, though definitely not as bad as it was last night. I'm going to definitely keep an eye on it Unfortunately I cannot get to a doctor due to no health insurance (speaking of, can someone get me a teaching job?! haha), so I'm going to have to rely on the help of my old athletic trainers for now...
I have it. Was diagnosed in 2006 & told that it was no big deal. It's common in young active people. It should resolve itself by the time you reach 25/26 (anatomical adult stage).


i was a hurdler in track, too! but only for 3 years, my PT made me quit b/c my shin splints got so bad. :/ but my hips pop sooo much! i really didn't think a hip joint was anything you could make "looser," other than just stretching those muscles, i wonder if it really is related to all those hip swinging workouts we do!

i also have hip snapping syndrome.. it's kind of annoying b/c my hips pop really loud, and ppl always look at me like i broke a bone, lol 

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