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Has anyone here tried this out?  I am so tempted to buy it..everytime I see its infomercial..those damn infomercials..they get me sucked in so easily!

it looks like its fun and not that hard since its more dancing than anything else they said..but I'm just skeptical that it will get rid of all my belly fat like THAT. I should just keep at what I'm doing now and not spend the extra flow on some gimmick looks like fun..

anyone try it..let me know how it is!
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  I have done many of the programs that Beachbody had produced and they all work. When people don't get results, usually it's something in their diet or they aren't consistant with the workouts.
I didn't like HipHop at first..
After 2 weeks, on level 1, I lost 2 more inches off my hips. But, as a caveat..I was eating really clean. Not cutting calories, just choosing good foods and eating 4-5 times a day, rather than 2-3 big meals.

Now, level 2 is much more fun because you get past the instruction. Less talk, more moving. And I'm in good shape and I am drenched in sweat when I'm done.  But it took about a week or so, for me to get the workout moves down to where I could work at it more intensely and not have to stop to figure out what to do next!

Level 3 has just come out and I'm told it's a blast. I just got it in the mail and will try it tomorrow. 

thanks for the spam post, jerk.
lol,  i cant believe how many people like this hip hop abs workout!  i dl'ed it from a torrent site (yes all 4 disks), and i gave it a go for about a week and a half straight.  to be honest i dont even know why i did it that long.   i barely sweated and was laughing at the amount of thrusting involved.  also, as someone who likes to go out with the girls and dance the night away,  id like to know where exactly was the hip hop in this?

however, what works for ya works for ya, and if it gets you moving then thats better than sitting on your caboose.  as for me, i will stick with my trusty old tae bo and running. 
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If you want to buy these DVD you should try Ebay. Use paypal,it is a safe way to purchase it. As of today there are many people selling 1 dvd at a time, or more. Good Luck!
I recently purchased Hip Hop abs, I love to dance and I thought maybe this would make me WANT to workout, and guess what? It did! Ive done taebo before, run on the treadmill, sit ups, and a little bit of yoga, and each of those workouts I just mentioned, I would do 30-40 mins a day (each on different days, of course) and it felt like FOREVER because it wasnt fun for me. Working out is totally different for me now from the moment I started Hip Hop Abs!

I just started so Im still on my first week. The Fat Burning Cardio and the Ab Sculpt are about 30 mins each, and let me tell you, its the FASTEST 30 min workout Ive EVER done! Shaun T is such a great instructor, he makes the workout FUN, and thats why I feel like time flies everytime I do the workout. Im only on my fourth day and Im already seeing results!! If you purchase the whole program it comes with a schedule of what workout to do for each day and its a 4 week schedule. If Im already seeing results only on the 4TH DAY, imagine what kind of results im going to be seeing at the end of the month! So YES I suggest you try this product, like you, I was a little skeptical at first that a workout like that can make such a difference on the abs, but now that Ive done it, I can tell you that it really WORKS!!
Im going to buy this veryy sooon :)

it available at target and walmart correct?
I have HHA!!!!! and I love it! I have a ton of beachbody programs, and they're all seriously awesome.  I do HHA everyday, my favorite program on them is the Ab Sculpt.  Actually to be honest, I don't use the other ones that much, just Ab Sculpt and Last Minute Abs before or after every workout.  But yeah, awesome results from it =) I would definitely recommend it!
It is fun, isn't it!  I did get the Dance Party series and once you are through 1 and 2...give Dance Party a try. It's faster paced, more choreography....just fun. :)

Can anyone give me advice on where to find these videos to download them?  Tried Utorrent, but did not see the complete set there, just the last levels.  Thanks!
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how do i get to download using torrent. thanks
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is HHA really worth it?  I just bought the package last night after I saw the infomercial.  Did it really work for you?  I won't recieve mine for another week or so, I can hardly wait to try it.  I am excited and skeptical at the same time.  I really need something to work for me this time.  I have a wedding in July that I want to look good for.  Anyway, I guess I'll post whenever I start seeing results.

la_vili -

  It works great. But it takes a commitment on your part...eating wise and committing to the workouts at least 4-5 times a week. Do that and you'll see results!   If you signed up for WOWY or the club at the same time you ordered, you were probably asked if you wanted a coach. Contact that coach, if you have one. Coaches are not personal trainers, but they are there to support you and help you stay committed to your workouts.  :)
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Got this set of 4 DVDs on Amazon for $9.00 + $3.00 S&H = $12.00

I have it and I enjoy it very much. It really works your body and you are dancing the whole time. Just think when you go out dancing you can actually use the moves on the dvd and exercise and dance at the same time.  All the beachbody dvds I have ever used all work. I hope this helps

Hi all,

I'm new to this site, and found this forum on hip hop abs, and thought i give some input on the hip hop abs. I just started the HHA videos a week ago, and am seeing results. I'll be done with my second week in two days, and am loving in. My first week i lost over 10 inches in my entire body and 7 pounds. I'll let you know how my second week went when i'm done. I did kind of go off my diet yesterday so i hope it doesn't impact my results to much. I really enjoy the HHA videos. I'm not in good shape and have quiet a bit of pounds to lose so it gives me a good workout. I do recommend it to all who are interested in it. It is both a toning and cardio routine and i heard that there is a level 2 once you've done the first 4 weeks. I am planning on continueing my workout to the next level.

I bought it at a garage sale for 3 dollars. I tried it this morning and I LOVE it! Its so fun, I might even spend a little more and get the rest of the series. Its wonderful! I didn't really think of it as a workout, but it really got me moving and sweating, I almost want to put it on again. I think this HHA will be a great asset in my weight loss/fitness journey. I want to lost about 40-60 pounds by my birthday and I think that I can do it with this as part of my fitness regimen!


Hip Hop Abs....It's just incorporating mild hip hop dance, low impact aerobics and some standing ab work. It's geared for the beginner so any advanced dancer will just scoff at it. But, any type of movement is good  and will burn calories...and standing ab work will help build muscle in the abdominals... if you enjoy it, then have fun!


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okay so I reallyyy wanna try this! But whenever I download it from a torrent, I get the video with no sound ! What website did you all download it off of?

Hi Thinlissy,

I am a Beachbody Coach the product does work and I will give you a 25% discount if you want to purchase it.   

John FaMis

I've been doing the Hiphop Abs workout for about a year now, and It's the ONLY thing that has given me any kind of results, I never had a defined muscle anywhere in my stomach area, but now thanks to this video I do, My boyfriend is constantly commenting on how much he likes my abs, and that's from doing the Hiphop Abs videos.. haha I'm startign to sound like an infomercial.. haha but no it really is true. And since I love dancing it's perfect, adds some more rhytym to my body.

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