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Hi everyone,

I'm wanting to start an HIIT program to start improving my cardio fitness. I did some research and decided on this progression (this is an example for weeks 1-2):

    Monday - AM Full Body Weight Training
    Tuesday - PM HIIT Workout 30 Seconds Brisk Walk, 30 Seconds Sprint, Repeat 7 More Times (8 Minutes Total)
    Wednesday - AM Full Body Weight Training
    Thursday - PM HIIT Workout 30 Seconds Brisk Walk, 30 Seconds Sprint, Repeat 7 More Times (8 Minutes Total)
    Friday - AM Full Body Weight Training
    Saturday and Sunday - Rest

My question is, would I get similar results from doing yoga Monday, Wednesday and Friday instead of the weight training? I already am signed up for a Hatha class on Wednesday nights. Any advice would be appreciated!

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If you do full body lifting 3x per week and then HIIT on the days in between, your legs will never get any recovery. In terms of weights vs yoga, do both. Weight training will help to change your body composition and yoga is a good thing to do for recovery on non lifting days. Since you are starting out with full body lifting and HIIT, I would recommend doing it 2x per week in the beginning and eventually move up to 3x per week. Finally, when you are lifting, make sure you are using free weights and that you are lifting heavy. This means using a weight that you can only do 10 times at the most.

First 2-3 months :

Mon - Off

Tues - Full body weights (AM) / HIIT (PM) OR do HIIT right after your weight training

Wed - Yoga / regular cardio (30 minutes)

Thurs- Off

Fri - Full body weights (AM) / HIIT (PM) OR do HIIT after your weight training

Sat - Yoga/ regular cardio (30 minutes)

Sun - Off

Full time schedule down the road :

Tues/Thurs/Sat - Full body lifting / HIIT

Wed/Fri - Yoga/cardio

Sun/Mon - off

Thanks for the advice :) As far as AM vs PM, does it really matter what time of the day I do the workouts? I only ask because my schedule on Tuesday and Thursday is pretty full, so I'd only be able to workout at night (around 6).

If you are going to do HIIT after lifting, it doesn't matter what time the workout is. However, if you want to do do weights and HIIT separately on the same day, you should have at least 6-8 hrs between weights and HIIT.

Starting out though, I would recommend doing lifting/HIIT on Tues/Fri and yoga on on Wed/Sat as I said above in the first 2-3 month set up. When full body lifting and HIIT are done correctly, they are very taxing on the body and you will need more recovery time in the beginning.

Great, thank you again!

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