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high heart rate while working out

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Ok, I'm not sure if anyone can relate to this, but my heart rate when I do cardio gets really high.  I do 30 to 40 minutes of cardio (treadmill or elliptical) almost everyday.  Within 10 minutes of working out my heart rate goes up to 180...if I push goes up to 190+.  I have had it go up as high as 205.  I use a polar heart rate monitor when I do cardio.  I do not feel like I'm pushing myself too hard b/c I don't feel extremely winded or anything...When I slow down my pace my heart rate drops pretty quickly to the 160 range...which for me feels like nothing.  Anyway any imput would be great!  I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else experiences anything like this...oh, and my resting heart rate is 66, and no, I am not new to working out.

Thanks for any input!
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My guess is your Polar Heart Rate Monitor is getting confused, somehow. Are you working out alone? Are you working out near any electronic equipment?
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Are you healthy?

Assuming you are then the numbers alone don't worry me.  It's a good sign your heart rate drops quickly.

At my age I need to really push myself hard to get over 170.
thanks for the response guys....i believe the heart rate monitor is working correctly.  My heart rate has been like this for years...even before the monitor...the gym equipments monitors have always been consistant with the polar monitor.  Yes, I am healthy, and b/c my heart rate drops quickly and I don't feel dizzy or faint while working out I have kind of ignored it...I've had bloodwork done and have had a complete physical...everything has come back perfect...I'm debating going to a cardiologist, just to be sure.  
hmmm...i have a polar hr monitor too. are you making sure that you've got the monitor and the wrist unit in sync before leaving the locker room to go into the cardio room? when was the last time you did the test feature. i do it once a week or so...because my body is changing quickly with new exercises in my routine.

question? are you utilizing the polar fitness website to track your workouts? i've found this helpful because i know what my zones are and what i need to do to not only get my body in shape but my cardio endurance as well. yesterday i found out not to do any works right after having coffee. oops...went right up to 180 without even trying..was supposed to be btwn 134-147 so that's way too high and i wasn't over doing it.

are you taking any meds? what kind of supplements? drinking an energy drink before or during your workouts? also...state of mind too? are you thinking about your day at work or life? or your loved ones? i found when i think about my boyfriend and working out with him my heartrate goes sky high. there's lots to consider when ones heart rate goes up that high. then again you said it's always been like that..

have you thought about talking the trainers at the gym or going to your doctor? ok just read your reply...oops...if you feel you need to know why not go to the cardiologist? that's what you pay health ins right?

for me i know my cardio endurance was shot last year so i made a commitment to strengthen it. and why i finally got the heart monitor. it's very close to the equipment at my gym...there's a variance of 2-3 beats but i go with the monitor.
sounds normal to me, have you ever tested to see what your max heart rate is?

There are formulas out there too check it yourselve.

Your recovery back down to 160 is very good, I wouldn't worrry about it unless there are other issues
jv - that's funny about the coffee.  I find coffee has no effect on my heart rate.  I may have built up quite a tolerance.  I can drink a whole 12 cup pot of coffee and go for a walk and have to jog and stuf to get my heart rate over 100  my low zone being 105!
Some people naturally have a higher heart rate....  I echo leinad in finding out what your max heart rate is and then going from there.
how would I find out my max heart rate?  I am assuming it's a different formula than the standard 220 minue age?  I was at the gym earlier and my heart rate maxed at 197.  I slowed down (on the elliptical) and it went to 165.  Within a minute of finishing my workout  my rate was in the low 140's.  I guess it's normal for me.  At 197 I am tired and sweaty, but I recover almost immediatly...I guess I'll look at the Polar website too.
Diane- the same thing happens to me!  I normally run outside or do kickboxing or things where I can't know my heart rate (I don't have a monitor), but every time I get on the elliptical, the machine is freaking out about my heart rate and begging me to slow down.  If I slow down to where it wants, I'm hardly moving.  Saturday I tried to see how slow it would make me go to be happy ... the machine paused 'cause I was going so slow!

I keep making jokes to my hubby that the elliptical tells me 'you are having a heart attack right now' whenever i'm on it.

i have read that you should really base your exertion level on a scale of 1 to 10 for yourself and not workout harder than 8.  some people just tend to have a faster heart-rate that's not textbook and as long as you know this for yourself, i think you're fine.
If your pushing hard its not uncommon to go to MHR. but at 205 you should not be able to sustain that HR for long at all and im talking 205 at 1-2 min. should be max, then you should be exhausted.  your heart rate dropping fast is a good sign. im 41 and do interval tranning on the step mill. i`ll do max speed of the machine for 70 seconds and get my HR up to 193 then jump off and get on the tred mill and walk at 2.5 mph and see how fast i can get my HR to drop usually its 35-40 BPM in 1min &30 sec. the faster your HR drops the better. But be careful at you MHR you dont want to get your HR up that high every day. My suggestion is get a watts test or V02max test then you'll have all you HR trainning zones in that info and you can take it from there. Plus they use there own equipment  then you can see if your  HR are correct or not.
I certainly am not an expert.  I do however work in a hospital and I know that sometimes our heart rate monitors are inaccurate if a person has any type of arrythmia.  I have one myself and the heart rate monitors at the gym almost always give me a way higher reading.  Just an idea sounds like you probubaly already explored these avenues.
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