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So as you guys know I've been training for my first 7k which is tomorrow moring. I'm super excited. Well I was until this morning when I woke up with terrible tighness/pain in my lower back. I'm thinking I just slept odd and that heat packs, stretching and a good nights sleep will solve the problem but I don't know. I'm so excited for my race tomorrow but I'm wondering if there is anything else I can do to keep it from acting up during the race?

400 mg of ibuprofen? Will that negatively affect my performance/ability to run the whole thing?

 By the way I haven't trained since Tuesday and the pain didn't show it's head until this morning so I don't think it is caused by over training.

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I don't think ibuprofen will negatively affect your performance/ability to run. I've heard of athletes taking different pain medications before (all over the counter, and legal) to help reduce the pain that comes once their lactic acid levels are through the roof. (Not sure it works, btw)

Anyway I think you're fine taking it. You should buy a foam roller, those work wonders on your body.

I wish I could afford a quick trip to the chiropractor but I don't see that in my budget before tomorrow. 

Thanks for the advice. I'll probably take 400- 800 mg (prescription) dosage which makes you 'feel' no different but does dull the pains.

Probably make my  kids walk on my back this evening and then heat pillow and then wife massage it. Hope that helps it. I'll post my time on Monday.


2nd Paragragh covery anddrugs/a/NSAID_endurance.htm toms-of-hyponatremia-in-endurance-athletes/

I only mention this, because before my first half marathon, I took 2 advil.  At mile 12, I was delusional, stumbling, and having abdominal pains.  I stepped across the finish line and was nabbed by medics and taken to the medic tent.  My heart rate was over 200 and I was suffering from severe hyponatremia.  It took 30 minutes for my symtoms to subside.  After I told the medic that I had taken the advil, she said that was the most likely cause of my issues as 2 hours is not enough for someone to get that severe of hyponatremia.

Just an FYI.


I usually take ibuprofen 2 hours before a race, i dont recommend it though. Like what anthony_christianson post, everyone has different reactions to the stuff.

You might have to do a #2 if your lower back hurts (seriously, sometimes it works).  You could also try yoga for lower back, like child pose and cat/cow pose.

I'm very regular with my #2. Daily so I'm sure that's not it. Yoga poses might work to help in the stretching. I'll look some of them up tonight while stretching during my T.V. time.

I'll avoid NSAIDS tomorrow and only take them for the first time during a training run or something. 


Thanks guys! I'm so jacked for this race tomorrow.


A couple of points.

When doing endurance events it better to take Tylenol instead of Advil or Alleve.  A&A negatively impact the liver which is being stressed.  You can google this topic for an in depth explanation.

I try to NEVER take pain relievers before a training session.  If something hurts, I need to know about it and decide to continue or not.  When I am racing in an event, there is no limit to what I will take.  I will spare you the details so as not to shock you.


Exercising does tend to tighten up muscles, even if you stretch after exercise. A massage really does help loosen all the tensions all around the body. Medication might help, but maybe you could either go for a sport massage, or use some foam rollers (or a tennis ball) to ease the tension. That might help as well. All the best for your 7k!

Yoga- really try these poses: Happy baby Child's pose Pigeon Cat/cow

If you do not know the poses google them... They're simple

Your psoas might be tight too. Not uncommon in runners. Try getting a broom and using that to press into the muscle (its near your groin, be careful :) ) and see if it is tight. It should loosen up pretty quick in my experience. Pigeon pose is also a good one to try for a stretch (though the stick works better in my experience as it breaks up adhesions). Mobiity WOD has some great tips here. I can't find the broomstick episode of course, but here is one where he used a weight and a tennis ball to do the same thing (Essentially whatever you can use to press into that area will work :)) 1365-psoas-flossing-and-biker-hips.html 

How'd it go?

Stretched and losened up real well. Worked on stretching all night Friday night. Got up at 5:15 sat morning and a hot shower and stretch and I felt 'normal'. 

I finished my first 7k in a respectable 45:51.1  That's roughly a 10:33 mile pace.  My personal goal was under 48 minutes and I ran it faster than that.  I'm really sore today as it was a very hilly course. 

I can tell you the race wasn't organized very well. Lots of misinformation especially on the water station situation. The map showed one at the 1.5 mile are 3 mile marks but they only had one at the 2.25 mile mark.  People were upset about that as most did not carry their own water since being told it would be placed like that.   Also the walkers crowded the start line so runners and walkers all started together and there was a lot of shuffling the first mile. Nearly 1200 people total counting walkers.

Little to no breeze also made it tough with a race time temperature of 81 degrees it was a little toasty.  I heard so many people complaining and bellyaching about it. It was fun to watch them being upset over the hills etc as I toted on by them at nearly twice their size :) I officially finished 218 out of 297 male runners and 190 out of 400 something on the womens sheet for a total of like 408 out of close to 800 runners.  Middle of the pack. Very pleased with myself.



Original Post by brian702lose:

Also the walkers crowded the start line so runners and walkers all started together and there was a lot of shuffling the first mile. Nearly 1200 people total counting walkers.

One of my pet peeves.  I have no tolerance.  They can get their slow butts to the back or expect shoulders and elbows from me.

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