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HELP! how do i minimize my calf muscles?

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ive been active in soccer for a long time and a couple years ago i stopped and it left me with HUGE, muscular, gross calves. the way theyre shaped makes my legs appear short and stout although i really have long legs. how can i make my calve muscles smaller and still toned?
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Yeah, I have the same mom has thick calves too..I think it might be genetic or something. I dunno though, I have fat on my calves too, it makes them look grosser. Hopefully they'll get smaller with more weight loss! I've been stretching them A LOT along with my other bulky leg seems to be helping. Good luck girl!
yea ive heard that stretching them works but i wasnt sure. thanks =]
I have the same problem.  my calves are 17 inches!  ARGHHH!!!  So what are good stretches for them?  I only know one calf stretch and I don't really feel it.  Anybody got some good ones?
Athletic women with muscles are seriously sexy. Why would you want to minimize the fact that you're obviously healthy and active? I bet you look beautiful as you are.
What hkellick said. 17" isn't all that big around. Who wants piano legs?

All that said, the only way to "reduce" muscular calves it to let them atrophy.

Doesn't sound all that appealing, does it?
No you are right....  I don't want piano legs lol.....  I guess I just wish they were a little more proportionate to my thighs (I guess I could make my thighs bigger hahaha).  Definitely no atrophy for me thanks!  I'll just keep on keepin on amd hope I see a nice transformation as I lose weight.
You CAN make your thighs bigger. Look into doing Lunges. Or, if you have machines, leg presses.
Its very hard to let your calves shrink by way of'd have to not walk for who knows how long! hahaha

Seriously though...
Its not that horrible having big calves..but big calves feels(to me at least) its the beginning of CANKLES..and its just upsetting. To me...big cavles & muscular thighs (which I have)...its just not feminine. I'd honestly rather have piano I can build them up to be how big I want them to be..instead of being doomed by genetics & not being able to slim them down as much as I'd like. :P
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gaaaaaah the dreaded CANKLES.

i too was born with what my sisters and i call "polish farm woman calves" and folks that say "a muscular girl is attractive" - yes, that is true. but with damn huge calves skirts arent really all that attractive. the calves can just get out of control.

course, it doesnt help that im wicked short, too. got short little stubby legs.

I have the geneticly large calves (german heritage), and i was also a sprinter in high school which helped keep my legs nice and muscular.  I have found that spinning classes help, and i recently purchased an ellipitical and i can see a small difference since i started using it daily(they are a little more tone).
Ahhhh grimesy!!!

I see you feel my pain!! I wouldn't wear skirts or dresses for YEARS because I thought my thick legs looked SOOOO gross!!! ESP the thick calves...and the thin heel makes them look even bigger!! Muscular does look good, but your whole body has to be evenly muscular to look good. You can't just have huge thick muscular legs..with a tiny upper body, its just so unbalanced..hehehe Or at least that's how I feel anyways hehe

LOL@ "Polish Farm Woman Calves"..I've never heard it before..but I've got a mental picture, and its pretty funny. I hope you don't have a copyright on that..because I may have to use it one day! hahaha
I heard somewhere that instead of doing a few reps (at the gym or whatever) with heavy weights, use a light weight and increase the reps. This should give you more toning than bulk.

Personally that doesn't help me because I walk everywhere, (don't like cars) and being a shopaholic, am always loaded with weighty shopping. It's so funny the way my skinny-leg jeans fit, they sag at the top but are really tight around the calf..
As far as skirts or dresses go, I don't think it's a problem, as the muscle build-up gives the leg more shape, try experimenting with different skirt lengths, call me mad, but I'd go for just-above-the-knee styles.
And for cankles- the ankle sometimes swells, I've forgotten what causes it, something about water retention or not being elevated.. I forget.. sorry..
Just to let everyone calves are slimming down since I've lost weight..and I've been stretching like a mad woman...numerous times through out the day..and I even stretch in my sleep..its weird..but I just feel like I have to at night sometimes. I've also been running..I think the losing weight & stretching is definitely helping a lot though..I wish I measured I know how much thinner they are..but whatever..they look A LOT better when I wear capris! *WooHoooo!* :)
I have 17" calves as well and though I don't have any problem with how they look in skirts because they are toned I can't ever find sexy boots that will fit over them (you know the kind with the side zippers). 

I would really love to have a pair of those even if they just came half way up :(
OMG yeah, that's the WORST! I LOVE those boots that come up a few inches below your calves NEVER fit in them, I'm waiting for the day someone makes them out of some kinda stretchy fabric for people with realistic shaped legs...not pencils!
First, don't hate me and my scrawny 13 inch calves... I am weighing in here because my very best friend has thick calves and I've learned a lot from her fashion experiences. You would never know how thick her calves are because she knows how to dress them. Read on...

Second, I don't think you can reduce your calves all that much - this is one of those genetically determined things. In fact, the more body fat you lose, the bigger the calves tend to appear.

BUT... I don't think you should want to reduce your calf muscles!! Here's why: the calves are the strongest muscles in your entire body!! That means that if you have big calves, you are capable of doing all sorts of exercises that...  guess what... burn more fat calories!! So learn to look at your calves with love and affection.... !! They are helping with your weight loss and maintenance!! They are friends, not foes! So worship them as the goddesses they are!

Now let's get more practical. There are ways to dress to minimize the appearance of heavy calves. Take some tips from my very best friend, the fashion plate:

1) Yes, you CAN wear boots: Try extended calf boots. Since boots have come back into fashion, they are everywhere and easy to find. The trick is to make sure the boots are a little loose around the calves. This will give the illusion of smaller calves. But not TOO loose. Just right - you should be able to just barely slide a finger into the top. Any tighter and you wind up with a sausage casing look, which is unflattering. And if you also have long legs, be sure the boots don't end halfway up your calf at the widest part. That will make them look thicker.

2) Yes, you CAN wear skirts, and they don't have to go all the way down to your ankles! Instead, choose at-the-knee length, which is universally flattering, or just below the knee before the calf starts. Steer clear of any skirt that hits at the widest part of the calf... this will even make my own scrawny calves look fat!! If you have to take your skirt to be hemmed, it's well worth the investment.

3) Shoes: Stay away from ankle strap styles if you have thick calves. (unfortunately these are everywhere this year). Also steer clear of rounded toe shoes - you need a little bit of a point to elongate the foot and hence the leg, which balances out the calf. One of the best looks for you is the kind of sandal that goes between the toes (what is that called? I'm blanking). This will show off more of the foot giving an elongating effect. Or pumps that are cut low, showing a bit of the toe cleavage. Google Trinny and Susannah What Not to Wear site... or check out their book, they have a lot of photos of before and afters when it comes to shoes and what works.
Geez, I said thick cavles, not redwood trees! LOL I just measured...I have 14" calves. I think since I've lost..there's less fat covering them, and they look a lot better(& smaller), and at least I can see more definition now, so it doesn't look like a blob of skin hitchiking on the back of my leg.

I STILL have problems with all boots that go over the calf...I guess a lot of the ones I like are designed for pencil legs or something.
RUNNING is the secret/key for me at least. I also do wall squats and calf raises. After two month, my legs are so toned.
man I wish I were born with beefy calves . . . I've had skinny little calves and ankles and relatively big thighs my whole life.  I think you should embrace your big calves!!
Anyone know how to make your legs bigger?! For some reason my forarms and calve muscles are so thin.  I even compared my roommate who is about 50 lbs thinner than me and mine are still smaller.  How do I abolish these chicken legs xD.....Although it could be a genetic thing because my brother who works out a lot complains about his legs never bulking up....any suggestions o.O?!
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