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Help! Still losing pounds??

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Ok, so I began working out to lose some weight. During basically the whole time, I was misguided. I would do 3 days of 20 minute (intense) interval training THEN lift weights...then 2-3 days of steady state cardio on the elliptical for 35-40 minutes (hated those days!). I was also working out in the morning on an empty stomach, thinking there would never be time to have a pre-workout meal. I lost about 30-35 lbs, even with maybe a bad training plan. During this whole time, I was eating around 1400-1800 calories a day depending.

However, since I'm around my goal weight, I would rather start maintaining. I want to just cut the body fat, if anything... I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to build substantial muscle, either. I have come to terms a long time ago with the fact that I may never lose all my belly fat, but I can see some muscle and that's fine with me.

About 2-3 weeks ago, I changed my workout routine to this: MWF heavy lifting, sometimes 20 minutes on a stationary bike on Wedesnday and Friday (Monday is legs). TuThSat I do interval training on the treadmill (incline @ 5%, 35-40 seconds at 9.0-9.5 and 1 minute walk at 3.7-4.0) I have also started having half a slice of whole wheat bread and some cottage cheese pre-workout and then breakfast after workout, since a friend told me it's pretty essential to eat something especially when working out in the morning.

I know it has only been a few weeks, so maybe my body is adjusting to it? I have been loosely tracking my calorie intake for a month and a half now...I estimate my intake to be around 1700-1900. Is that still too low for how much I work out? Or am I just overestimating my calories too much? Or should I stop freaking out and wait a few more weeks to see if I'll stop losing weight? I track my weight Monday-Friday (arbitrarily decided on the range) and average it every Friday..and although I'm only losing a few decimal pounds a week, it's still a downward trend. =(   (Sorry for the long post! And thanks in advance!)

P.S. Oh yeah, my stats are 22 years old, 5'2" and 121-122 lbs.

P.P.S. Is it advisible for me to take some pre-workout supplements? My boyfriend just bought some MRI Black Powder and I just had some today before my lifting, and felt like I was able to focus more and push through more reps...even added 5 more lbs to my squats. Or is that all in my head?

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Try adding 300 extra calories a day for a week or two and see how that goes.  You can keep adding 300 until you start to stabilize.  What does CC say for your calorie burn? 

CC says I burn around 1900 a day. Other than working out, I'm pretty much sedentary.

Then try adding a bit (around 300 to start) more calories and see how that goes for you.  Heavy lifting will burn some cals!  Congrats on your weight loss by the way!

thanks so much. =D

Congrats on the weight loss.  There are lots of protein supplements that you can take pre-workout.  You can also cut back on some of your cardio.  Less interval training, more steady sustained.  Interval training burns more in the days afterward.  My trainer suggests weights 3 times per week, then cardio (30-45 minutes) with no more than one day interval training, and one day off a week.  If you are trying to build muscle, make sure that your before and after workouts include a good source of protein.  Weight lifting tears down the muscle, building of the muscle comes when the body repairs the tears.  For the body to repair, it needs lots of protein.  Try some whey protein shakes.  Do a google, or message me directly, and I can give you lots or recipes that have 35+ grams of protein and taste absolutely wonderful.

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