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Help, I've lost all motivation to exercise! How do I get it back?

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I got sick in mid-July and couldn't exercise for about three weeks (no energy whatsoever) and it carried through into August and I ended up only doing 500 minutes of exercise instead of 1250 last month... I really want to do better, but I seem to have lost all motivation. Since I still lost weight last month my brain says 'you don't really NEED to exercise when it's hot, or wet, or late, or the bugs are out (etc etc.)' and I can't make myself get up off my rear and DO IT. Help!

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I understand completely; over the last few years, having moved out of home to live with partner, have not had access easily to recreation. Want to start attending the gym, but so often cannot be bothered, especially with the cost of the group classes. £6.40 per hour session! That's more per hour than I earn!I KNOW that I should not think of my health as a price figure, but what with the cost of living these days, what is there to do?

Start out with small goals.  When I get off track I try to do at least 10 minutes of some activity.. Its better than nothing and it gets me back  in the  routine.  I read this great book that said successful people do things even when they don't feel like it.  We don't always feel the motivation but we should do something anyway even if its small.

You're right - you don't "need" to exercise to lose weight, so long as your intake calories are less than your burned calories.  But, exercise has many, many health benefits other than weight loss (heart health, mood, etc.).

And for me, the bonus of exercise is that in addition to improving my outlook on life and allowing me to sleep better and deal with stress better (among other things!), I get to eat many more of the foods that I enjoy.  Without exercise, there's little chance I could eat in a balanced way and still enjoy wine and chocolate cake from time to time.

As far as inspiration, for myself, I love finding a friend to do something with - even walking for 2 hours in the shopping mall counts (so long as you avoid the Orange Julius and similar).  If you don't have anyone physically near you to do things with, one of the challenge groups on here might be for you.

Just my thoughts - and I agree 100% with wannaloseitall - small goals are the way to start.  Hang in there!!

"Never let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do"

Here's some motivational quotes for you to keep in mind: 170.html

They help keep me motivated when I don't really feel like working out.  Good Luck!

I second the idea that you should just do something for a very small amount of time rather than nothing at all. Make yourself walk for 5-10 minutes every day no matter what.. staying in the habit of exercising is much more important than having a hard core workout every day. It is too easy to put off exercise a day, then another, until it has been months.  Just do 5 minutes. Eventually you will feel like doing more.

The same thing happened to me in July.  I just started exercising again two weeks ago because I realized that although I was still losing weight, it was probably muscle not fat.  I started to do the couch to 5k program because each week you move on and it is great motivation that you are making progress.  I also rented a Pilates dvd from the public library and LOVED it! So now that I have found something I like to do, it makes it easier and it is something that I can do right in my living room!

I've had the same thing happen to me. A lot.

It's funny how one spends more time thinking about what they should be doing than the time it actually takes to just stop thinking about it and DOING it!

Tonight I feel like being a big blob on the couch, doin' nothin' but reading while "watching" a movie. I'll make you a deal- lets both do 20 minutes of some sort of physical activity. I'll lift weights (it's been about 5 days since I last lifted, probably 10 since I've worked on my legs!)

So how about it? :)

I had to go to the bank today so I made myself get up off the couch and WALK there even though it was hot outside and I really wanted to get DH to drive me instead... so I got my exercise in for one day and I walked three and a half miles. Now I just have to do it again tomorrow, and the next day ad infinitum. Now it's your turn...

Find the prettiest place you can get to and just walk. Enjoy it--don't think about cals, exercise, etc. The fresh air and movement will remind you why you work out. Keep it up until the urge to work out again hits you. And if it doesn't, just walking is STILL realllllllly good for you! So it's a win-win.

Good luck.

Find activities that you enjoy.  When exercise is a chore, of course you won't want to do it.  I happen to really enjoy weight-lifting, so I do that, but I also walk my dog and swim.  I dance.  Y'know.  You gotta find something you *like* doing, so you'll look forward to doing it.

Start out slow. Maybe try something different. Do you strength train? If not try that. When you see muscle develop and see yourself getting tone it motivates you. Exercising is not all about loosing weight, it is about building muscle which speeds your metabolism so you burn more calories just living. Healthy for you because more muscle means less body fat. Exercise is good for your heart and overall wellness.

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i can relate completely!  For around 5 years I was a hardcore gym bunny, i exercised 5 to 6 days a week.  I think I even overdid it a lot of the time. 

I then started counting calories and still exercising and lost all the weight I wanted.  I was ok till I moved in to a building with a gym so I canceled my gym membership. 

You would think it would be now easier to exercise but no!!  I've lost a lot of motivation to exercise , I still go to weight train a little at my building gym but I stopped doing cardio all together.  Lately i don't even strength train.

I started taking individual aerobic and spinning classes at this neighborhood gym which doesn't require a membership so that's something but it's only once or twice a week. 

I had a great body for about a year when I was doing the strength training and cardio and it was great.  But let me tell you it took a lot of work!!

Right now i still look ok and i'm at my ideal weight but I'm nowhere near as cut as I was. Just thinking about all the work it took to look like that makes me not want to do it.  I think I need to find a middle ground and that's what I'm trying to do now.
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... so I got my exercise in for one day and I walked three and a half miles. Now I just have to do it again tomorrow, and the next day ad infinitum. Now it's your turn...

3.5 miles is excellent!!

I had planned on 20 mins of weight lifting (hey- it's better than none, which is what I felt like), but 10 minutes into it, I was bombarded by my needy kids. After they were all taken care of, I went for a 30 minute walk. It was pitch black outside, and I live on a long and very dark road deep in the country- no street lights or sidewalks out here. Last week when walking with my son, a black bear crossed the road about 50' ahead of us! Not to mention that on Saturday nights there are probably more drunk than sober drivers on the road. I was pretty nervous but I felt good for having done it when I got back!

I came down with a cold yesterday and feel like one of my many crumpled up Kleenexes this morning, so I won't be issuing you a challenge today.

aha! you know what you can do now? increase the intensity.  you've gotten into good enough shape from swimming and walking that you can add interest through intensity (if you're not doing this already).  Swim a lap as hard as you can, and then do the next one easy.  Do two hard and one easy. Or ask coach_k for real swimming drills.   If it's flat where you are in florida, find some stairs.  Jog up and walk down. Repeat til exhausted and stop.  Do a shorter, more intense workout once or twice a week. That might help.

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