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My blood presure is very low, 93 over 45.  does anyone know how do i rasie it safe? any ideas? I thought it was high! haha, explains the fainting feeling i get sometimes. Anyone else got low blood pressure?
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I am a 37 year old male with 100/60. When exercising, I HAVE to keep breathing regularly and I have learned not to do things like stand up quickly or do exercises that require my arms above my head.  I saw my doctor who assured me that in my case there was no serious problem and for the rest, I am happy to not have to worry about high blood pressure.
what cuases low blood pressure? like, how can you prevent it? ive never even heard of that.
You need to see a doctor.  There are many things that can cause low blood pressure and yours is very low.  I have this problem and it's caused by a congenital heart defect.  Yours could be much less serious, but only a doctor can tell.
I have borderline low blood pressure about 90/60. Your 90 is not necessarily a bad thing, but the 45 seems very, low and is passed the borderline range, and actually in the too low range.

My blood pressure is fine, since I'm young and healthy, and I only need to beware of certain precautions like carrying salt and sugar with me in case I have a drop of bp. (which people have all the time, but as the BP will be higher up in the normal range, the drop won't kick it off to the too low range, which can happen with me)

I agree with claire, in that you should check with your doctor and try to understand why it is that low. By the way, be aware that often people's blood pressure may be lower than the actual measurement at the doctor's, because of the slight anxiety some people have for being at the doctor's in the first place. That happens to me, so I usually get 100-110/70-75, which is follows in the normal range.
Han, did a human take this or one of those drug store machines (which don't work well for people who are smaller or larger)?
Hey I have this problem, too. I used to be a regular blood donor, when it was around 100/60, but now mine is down to about 80/40. I suggest that you DO see a doctor, especially if your bp has dropped suddenly. Most likely, it isn't anything to worry about, but like clairelaine said, it is possible it is something more serious. What my doctor recommended to me, since mine is just chronically low due to a very efficient heart (my resting heart rate is in the mid 30s) is that I increase my sodium intake. It does help, and I'm sure that your doctor can give you other useful suggestions.
I have very low blood pressure, too, and my doctor told me that it was fairly common to young women/girls, so that I shouldn't worry about it too much right now
I have really low blood pressure too. My doctors did some testing because I was passing out a lot and they found out I had a heart problem. Definitely go to the doctor and tell them if you are passing out or if it's really low. They'll measure it and tell you what do. They told me to eat lots of salt to raise it, which is why some people have high blood pressure. Since we have the opposite problem, we should eat lots of it. Also, they told me that exercising should help to raise to a normal level because your circulation will improve. Other than that, I'd go see the doctor. Good luck!
I used one my nan has that they use in the surgery, so its accurate. I have read that its heart realted, or it can also be due to good phyiscal condition and also its a side affect of hypothyiod!

Im sorta glad its not just me in a a way, but it sounds like it could be serious to leave it. My blood sugar is 5.3 i dont know if they are related (again done with a pharmacy machine). I get light headed sometimes.,. but you know clairelaine it could be due to my low salt intake, which you picked up on ages ago?  so many things agh!

thank you all for your replys, nice to see im not alone.. frighting to see what it can do :s brave people you are!
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