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help help help

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how do you get rid of the saggy bits of flesh/fat whatever it is under the upper arms.and what is it and why is it there.does it get worse the more weight you lose?

help help.this is a major problem.

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Women tend to have these bat wings.  I do lots of tricep excercises but still can't seem to firm this up enough to my liking.  Some good excercises though are dips - sit on the edge of a chair and do like push ups dip below the chair seat and use your arms to lift back into the chair.  Weights are good too - but it does take time.
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because you lose your muscle to you only have to lose inches
The only way to rid yourself of it is like what dbackerfan said and tone them; with weight lifting if possible. Just look up some tricep exercises you can do and try to keep the reps around 12.

Losing weight may worsen them if you lose it rapidly and don't give your skin enough time to adjust with the fat loss.
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