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Does heat affect weight loss?

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I live in a very warm climate. Just walking for 10 minutes outside has me sweaty - I'm not tired, just sweaty from the heat and humidity. So obviously when I actually work out, I'm DRIPPING with sweat after 45 minutes. When I exercise in a room that has a fan blowing, I'm nowhere near as sweaty so I know it's not that I just sweat a lot.

My question is, does all this extra sweating do anything to encourage weight loss or am I just encouraging dehydration?! (Yes, I drink a lot of water before and after working out!) Generally I associate sweating with a hard workout, weight loss, etc. but I think in this case it may be misleading...
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How much you sweat is related more to how hot it is than to how hard you work out was.  You can use heart rate as a guide to intensity.  It's not a bad idea to weigh yourself before your workout and then again after to make sure you drink back all the lost fluids.  Sweat equals water lost not weight (fat) lost.  If possible drink during the exercise as well.
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hot and humid... basically a sauna... just keep working out, keep a handy bottle of water, or even better gatorade with you... gatorade will be better because it contains carbs that fuel you and sodium to replace what you're losing from sweat.  I work out at a gym and every few sets will go over and drink from the water fountain.  This will keep me hydrated the whole time
I'm not an expert at all, but I live in a place where you break a sweat just walking to your car in the summer. NO JOKE, It's hot. Back in highschool when I didn't diet or worry about my wieght (even though I should have) I always thinned out a bit in the summer. (My mom said this about both of us trying to make me feel good about still needing to lose about 20 lbs by August) I don't know if it was directly from the heat or what but my fiance that I have known since 9th grade also recently said that I have always slimmed out in the summer compared to the winter. (I guess I pack it on in the winter and lose it in the summer without noticing either way) 

I don't know really but two people told me this. I never noticed it though. I hope it's true though cause I can use any extra help!
Thanks for the explanations, everyone!

sarah - I tend to lose my appetite a little in the summer because it's so hot! Likewise in the winter I'm always looking out for hot cocoa and hot foods without thinking much about calories.
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