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Who has one and what ones do you have? I'm planning on getting one for my birthday.. Jst looking for any input, thanks

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I just thought of more specific questions..


Did you burn more or less calories than you thought, how does it measure up to the averages on here per activity?


and, did you find it motivated you to work harder?

I have a Polar F6 and it's pretty chest strap doesn't fit quite right so I don't know if mine is as accurate as it could be.

I burn less calories than I thought but it didn't really affect me too much.  Before I had it I would think, Oh I bet I burned 500 during this workout..but I'll only count 300 to be on the safe side.  After getting the monitor I realized I really was only burning it's a good thing I didn't go with the 500 =P

I have found that the calculators here greatly overestimate my burn.  I can do a workout and log it here, and it'll say I burned 600 cals.  My HRM says it burned 250-300.  It's almost always doubled on here.

I definitely felt it motivated me to work harder.  Just watching the calories add up is very motivational!  I play little games where I tell myself, "Ok, if you're not at X calories by this have to stop and jump rope to get to that number..." or "I have to push hard enough to get to X calories by the end of this set!" 

It's worth getting one, in my opinion!

I have a Polar F5 that I bought myself for my birthday. I agree with deflepfan about the lower actual burn compared to CC estimates, but I thought the CC estimates were super high to begin with - when I got my HRM it turned out I was burning more than I estimated.

I usually only look at the calorie burn after finishing the exercise, since I can get very obsessive about numbers, but I find myself working harder anyways.

Definitely worth it.

I have a random question for all you HRM owners - do they all come with... or should I say do you HAVE to wear the chest strap with them?

Do HRM's tell your REAL whole day's calorie burn? If you just keep it on 24/7?

I think you have to wear the chest strap because that is what tells your watch what your HR is..I could be wrong but that's my understanding.  That's why my HRM could be off, because my chest strap doesn't fit right.

And no, it says in the book do not wear it and have it going all day because it does not accurately determine calories burned at a resting heart rate.
I have a Poloar f6 and love it.  I had been underestimating my burn on weight lifting by about 200 cals.  I horse back ride every week too (jumping...)and had been understimating that.  CC gave me a # around 300 when my HRM tells me a I burn 1200. 

That's a huuuuuuuuge difference, WOW..

What info do you have to input to make sure it's as accurate as possible?

Someone mentioned a resting heart rate, how do you measue that accuratly or does the machine do it itself?

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I have a random question for all you HRM owners - do they all come with... or should I say do you HAVE to wear the chest strap with them?

No, they don't all come with chest straps, but the ones that don't aren't nearly as accurate. If it comes with a chest strap, you gotta wear it, since that's where it picks up the signal.

Original Post by ieevee:

Do HRM's tell your REAL whole day's calorie burn? If you just keep it on 24/7?

Mine only registers calories burned above 100 beats per minute.

Original Post by platinumbutterfly8701:

What info do you have to input to make sure it's as accurate as possible?

I had to put in birthdate (it calculates my age from that automatically, since it doubles as a watch), weight, height, gender.

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I have a Mio watch from walmart, $34.95, you put in your resting heart rate when you wake in the morning before getting out of bed.  No chest strap involved , you put two fingers on two buttons and it reads your heart rate.  Enter your birth date to determine age, enter your weight, the currant date and time.  To use it you put it in timer mode and as your heart rate increases during your exercise you press the two buttons and it starts recording your calories, when the exercise stops you stop the timer and it tells you how many you have burned.  It seem to agree with CCPlus on calories burned on some things but not an all things. It also has an alarm. Walmart has another version that is about $10. cheaper but it does not count calories.

Well I got the Polar F6 today and I just got back from the gym.. It was a little frustrating as I was doing cardio for :35 in between sets of weights and it took a few seconds to register my HR everytime I got on/off the treadmill  (it is compatible and the machines were talking to each other) and it would give me a HR of either zero, LOL, or 86 and obviously neither were correct.. I put my zone in and that was between 135 and 151 and it would beep non-stop whenever I was to high or low which is fine, but annoying to me and probably other ppl in the gym that had to listen to it.. I will put the volume down or turn it off..

As for the calories burned it says I burned less than what CC has listed for 55 min  of  "circuit training".. CC has 466 listed for 55 minutes and the HRM said just under 400.. I think I probaly missed a few burned cals on the HRM as inbetween sets it wasnt registering properly, it was registering at 0 or 86 as mentioned above..

Another thing I found interesting was that according to the HRM I burned 36 additional calories in the 15 minutes after I stopped working out.  I knew you continued to burn after you stopped but wasn't sure how much..

So, that is my review, LOL



Just got home from another work out.. After doing the stair master for 15 minutes the diff between my HR monitor and the machine was about 50 calories..

Machine said 140

HRM said 90

So that was dissapointing as all this time I thought I was burning a significant amount more calories than I actually was.. Oh well..

I mean, I knew it was an estimate anyways but 50 is a big difference..

Hmm, that's weird it took a second to register your heart rate and gave a reading of zero.  Make sure all your stats are input correctly.  Also, read up on setting the "Ownzone" heart rate zones.  It's recommended that you go through that exercise every time you workout (it take only 5 minutes to set it).

I don't understand why the HRM has to be compatible with the machines...can't you just look at the wrist strap for your readings?  I'm thinking that maybe your HRM is getting messed up from the different machines you're on or from other HRM in the room.  There is a way to "code" your HRM so it is not influenced (or lessens the influence) by other devices.

Let us know how it goes!  I really like my F6.  Oh and I turn the alarms off too.

Yeah I wish it didn't talk to the machine, I know that was what was messing it up the first time and causing the 0 reading..  Ill have to sit down and read up on how to do that..  There was no interference when I was on the stair master and when I stayed on the treadmill there was no problems either.. I just haven't had the mental energy to read the book fully

My HRM has really put a boost into my workouts! Especially when walking/hiking and not at the gym. It is a Sportline watch that is pretty accurate without a chest strap.  Wear it like a regular watch, has a button on the face to hold to get heart rate.  The rate it comes up with matches within 1 or 2 beats the rate on the exercise machines at the gym.  Same with calories burned - I put in weight and gender on both the watch and the machines and the totals come out about the same.  I think I paid about $70 for this watch at Target.  You can reset the calorie counter and leave it run through a workout, or through an entire day - I have managed to hit the button to turn OFF the calorie counter by accident during an entire day, but not during a workout.  I use it to watch calories burned and for days I plan to "splurge" with the food - I can eat ANYTHING as long as I have burned the calories off first.  Strangely enough, I don't eat as much as I planned to eat cuz I just don't want it all.  Must be working, lost another 4 pounds this week!

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