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What happens when you reach your max heart rate?

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Is this dangerous? What happens if you go over your max Hr?

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Your maximum heart rate is the absolute maximum number of times that your heart can contract in one minute so it is impossible to go over it.  It is very difficult to even reach your maximum.

If you have estimated your MHR and find that you can reach or even exceed that rate than you have estimated your MHR too low.  MHR cannot be predicted by a formula.

For more info: eart-rate.htm

Well if your in good shape...nothing.  You just pushed yourself, and be proud.  I have gone over my max before. 

If you are extermely overweight though I could see you being in danger of a possible heart attck or something.

Original Post by tlstot:
I have gone over my max before. 

I bet you a thousand dollars that you haven't. 

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When my husband was on the crew team in high school, they all got their max heart rate tested.  The test involves running on a treadmill (or working a rowing machine, in this case) faster and faster, harder and harder, until you see spots before your eyes.  Then you go even faster until you almost black out.  And that's your max heart rate.  Husband said he fell off the machine and threw up.  He said that was pretty much the standard reaction.  So, that's what happens, I suppose.  I've avoided getting my HMR tested... seems unpleasant.  :p 


Anyway, if you haven't seen spots then you probably haven't gotten close to your real MHR.  I've been assuming that my MHR must be higher than the formulas say because I can stay at "90%" for a while.  You're not supposed to be able to do that.  To recap, blacking out is what happens at MHR.  And the formula for MHR isn't very reliable. :)

ok so can some define spots, cuz there are spots & then there's spots. i've had spots before with my hrm on & i dont think i reached my mhr.

EDIT: let me explain further before any assumptions are jumped. i was actually doing circuit training & i pushed myself on one move until i couldn't take it.  but i was fine before & after the workout, so it had nothing to do with not eating, etc.

I predict heart implosion! :)

you die???

Its kind of like those dreams where they claim if you are falling and if you don't wake up before you hit the bottom you'll die??  No way to test the theory since there would be no survivors right??

Technically according to the "powers that be" I've exploded my heart just about every time I've put in what I consider "great workout".

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my max heart rate has been tested at 206 and every time i run it goes up to 202, when i was tested i passed out at the end of the test.

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