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Hanging Belly Syndrome

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Lol, Caught your attention? Good. Can someone please give me some advice on how to get rid of a hanging belly.  Please don't tell me surgery cause I rather be without more scars. I've been overweight since I was 11, I am now 26. I have had one child, c-section but only a bikini line cut so it's not down my belly, it's right under it. Please tell me there is an exercise that I can do that will give the elastisity back to my skin, or a cream? I've been doing sit ups, crunches, ab-lounge, ab-sport, and that machine at the gym that makes you twist your body using your abs and weights. I've seen a change in my waistline, but the sag...there's gotta be a way to get it to go back in place...I mean come on, my belly button is nearly in parallel with my crotch...please!

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Hey there!

   Have you tried doing a colon cleanse?  That's what helped my sagging belly become firmer and more attractive.  If the colon is impacted no amount of exercise and dieting in the world will alleive the sag.  Once your tummy gets cleaned out the rest is easy pieces!  The best colon cleanses are herbal, because they won't give you bad side affects: cramping, bloating or diarrhea. 

  After a cleanse you still need to maintain a healthy diet and exercise and taking good probiotics are an excellent way to keep the good bacteria in your belly, this will keep you in top shape with digestion and immunity against belly sicknesses.

So please let me know if I can help you, okay?  Take care lady!Laughing


I have the belly sag too. There are some firming cremes out there, but its not a miracle potion or anything. It helps, oh, about 15 % or so. I like the nivea one ( spelling is horrid at the moment!) I used it after my first baby and my skin rebounded fairly well.

Bad advice so far do lunges with hand weights and squats holding hand weights as well. That ought to do it!

Original Post by scooten:

Bad advice so far do lunges with hand weights and squats holding hand weights as well. That ought to do it!

You think doing squats and lunges with hand weights will get rid of excess belly skin? You're dreaming. All of the other advice has been much better than yours.


I too have the same problem and it does affect your mental thoughts about yourself. I have tried exercise too and was told the only to get rid of the over hang is to have surgery. If I had insurance I might have it done. But I don't know if it is worth the risk. I saw it done on tv and the pain and agony and chances of infection, made me think more than twice. I just wear shirts that hang down and don't cling. I have prayed to God to help me and to work on me. Good luck on what ever you decide to do my prayers will be with you.

Hi am from the Caribbean the best way to get rid of the hanging belly is work on you abs it might take a while but it works. It work for me . Try it.

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I agree with everyone who advocates cardio and weight lifting before considering surgery.  That being said, I worked for a plastic surgeon for a year and we had many clients who had lost 100 lbs. or more and just wanted the excess skin removed.  Our skin is somewhat elastic, but it depends on your genes and your age and how much weight you've gained and lost.  The scar from a tummy tuck can be hidden in bikini panties ... PLEASE shop around for the plastic surgeon, make sure he/she is board certified, and make sure you get to see "before" and "after" photos of actual clients.  Some docs won't take off enough skin (in my opinion).  Good luck!

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I had 3 children and my weight fluctuated from one extreme to another.  When I got down to the weight that I was comfortable with, I consulted a plastic surgeon.  I researched him, weighed the pro's and con's.  As a personal decision, it was the best thing that I ever did.  My family sees a huge (no pun intended) difference in my self esteem.  Talk to your doctor, and let them help you make the choice.  You will have to have all sorts of blood test/medical check up to determine if you are a candidate.

My best friend had a tummy tuck and she looks amazing. She loves the new her and doesn't regret getting it done one bit. The surgery and recovery is only a blip in the span of a happy life with a firm tummy. :) good luck with your decision.

it's all about taking the proper care of your skin - Moisturize, Firming Cream & CARDIO!! There is going to be no "magic" cure to this and eventually you may decide surgery is an option but think about it, it took you 15 years to stretch your skin out this far it isn't going to snap back into place. You have done real damage to your skin and only dedication and patience are going to help you here. I would put a bottle of lotion in every room in your house and everytime you see it put some on!!!

Original Post by kzook:

I agree with everyone who advocates cardio and weight lifting before considering surgery.  That being said, I worked for a plastic surgeon for a year and we had many clients who had lost 100 lbs. or more and just wanted the excess skin removed.  Our skin is somewhat elastic, but it depends on your genes and your age and how much weight you've gained and lost.  The scar from a tummy tuck can be hidden in bikini panties ... PLEASE shop around for the plastic surgeon, make sure he/she is board certified, and make sure you get to see "before" and "after" photos of actual clients.  Some docs won't take off enough skin (in my opinion).  Good luck!


There are a lot of different factors. Due to my history with eating disorders, I have lost and gained excessive poundage within very short periods of time. I seem to have inherited my mother's skin (that side of the family tend to have very elastic skin that bounces back quickly) so I have been lucky to date thanks to genetics alone, but I know if this continues as I age it's going to be a problem. 

And to malelia123: no amount of lotion rubbing is going to make truly lax skin bounce back into tautness.

I'm 32, and the skin hanging off my belly is one of my biggest hangups.  I just hate it.  I had a baby in my 20s and I got horrible stretch marks, dark grooves two fingers thick running from my belly button to my pubic bone.  I honestly look like I  was attacked by Freddie Kreuger or something, really bad!  I recently lost 50 lbs and now my belly skin hangs more than ever- I could probably reskin a burn victim with that flap!  I've tried firming creams and I feel like they've worked a bit on my arms but nothing really on my belly.  I've resigned myself to the fact that no matter how skinny I get I'm not going to be rocking the bikini and exposing that mess to the world!  I know it doesn't effect my health, and when I'm wearing jeans you can't even tell, and I should be happy that I'm heathy and I look good and all that rot, but boy, if I won the lotto, I'd be getting that skin removed with my first payout check!

I have a friend who waited till she was 55 to have a tummy tuck and she was so mad after she had the tummy tuck........ because...... she realized she could have had the surgery 20 years ago and not lived with her muffin top all those years.

I've had 2 Csections and have suffered from that syndrome until lately. Losing weight and belly dance have shrunk my belly to where it doesn't bother me anymore.  I agree with one of the posts about the "tiny stomach movements" - that is so true. My belly dance instructor makes us perform 1 minute sessions with the plank - where you lay on your tummy with your hips and belly off the floor, weight on your elbows and toes, then do side plank for a minute - weight on the side of your foot and elbow; then doing the bicycle on your back for 1 minute.  AFterwards a lot of belly dancing and I notice maintaining the suppleness of my hips and lower back make a big difference in my belly.  I went from a size 12 to size 6 and have maintained it for almost a year now. Good luck!

I have the same problem and I am still losing weight.  I've been told that you have a better chance of not having too much excess if you do the weight loss slowly (2-3lbs per week).  Rapid weight loss seems to have a more profound effect on having excess skin.  I will caution you on surgery if you have a large amount of skin.  Large amounts of skin can't be done with a "tummy tuck".  They have to do what is called a "panectomy" to remove that area.  They remove it and then stretch the skin taught for healing.  I know someone who had this done and the recovery was extremely painful.  Her "new skin" was so tight that just moving was painful because it has to stretch out as part of the healing process.  She was in a lot of pain.  Also, after she had it done, she gained some weight back and the whole surgery was pretty much a waste.  I'm not saying that you would gain any weight back, but it's something to consider.  I won't make any decisions until I am at my goal weight, but due to the painful recovery, I may opt to just look good in clothes and not worry so much about the rest of it.  That's how most people will see me, and if I love myself and my husband loves me, some extra skin when I'm naked won't be the end of the world.  Losing weight makes you healthier, and I would rather be healthy with some extra skin!  Also, someone recommended a foundation garment, and they really do work!  I have some Spanx and they are very comfortable and smooth everything out. 

I only lost around 40-45 pounds (depending on the day LOL), but one noticeable thing for me was that the loose skin -- although not all that noticeable when I am standing, walking, upright, etc. -- when I am sitting is still obvious.  Plus, no matter how much I work my abs (and I have been working them in different ways for almost 20 months) -- my loose skin is here to stay.  I think age is one important factor in whether one's skin will somewhat "shrink" or conform to the "new you."

A second significant factor is, of course, how much weight was lost.  For all the dedicated, hard-working people who lost significant weight, including 50 or 75 or 100 or more pounds, if surgery is not an option, then probably the loose skin will be difficult if not impossible to get rid of.  However, you still look and feel better and are a lot healthier.  Best of luck to all of you in your fitness and maintenance.

Hi, Miss Edible!

I am no expert, but I have put 2 and 2 together to come up with an idea that might be worth sharing. Please don;t bother to read it if you are skeptical of natural and holistic methods.

The skin is held to your muscles with many microscopic elastic fibers, right?

You are very young, so your body should be still producing PLENTY of these fibers, I believe that to some degree you will be able to regrow these fibrous connections.

The goal is to hold your skin and tissue in the place where you want it to be regrowing elastin fibers, at the same time you are providing your body the elements that it needs to grow healthy parts.

Your extra weight dragged your skin away from your muscles in the past, and it sounds pretty severe, so you might have to do this for more than a year. It is not an easy solution; it requires commitment.

Here is my invention, and I think it might work a little, since I used it after 2 pregnancies (45 lbs each) and a third weight loss of 40 lbs (at 5'2"and 50 years old) the only thing is that I have nothing to compare it to, since I always used it. I do know others who have used the compression method and believe in it. The solution is not perfect because although you are growing your connective fibers int the right place, there will probably always be some extra skin, but it will look a lot better when it is sagging as much.  I have heard that a body totally replaces itself every 7 years, so perhaps it will in time adjust  for that.

1. you have to Hold your skin to the rest of your body with a compression garment. You can use these on just about any body part - check the internet. Invest in good quality that you can wear night and day. Have more than one so you can wash and stay clean. Do not put the garment in the dryer!

It is also very important (although frequently overlooked), that you must be very careful about how you place your skin inside the garment. If you look at pictures online (of people who had liposuction or other sculpting surgeries) and wore the garment afterward, you will sometimes see creases that appear to have grown into their skin. THE WAY YOU PUT YOUR SKIN IN IS THE WAY IT WILL ATTACH ITSELF. PAY ATTENTION TO IT, DO IT CAREFULLY, it will grow that way. Also, a lot of tugging and pulling will un-do what you are trying to accomplish, so you want to put this thing on once a day, after your firming gel shower and your firming creams, and not move it around after that. Just make sure your skin is in the optimal position when you put it on, and try not to tug on yourself too much. Make sure that the size of the garment is not so small that it pinches your skin together in too many wrinkles.

My best advice on positioning is after you put it on, put your hands inside and gently lift and smooth everything upwards, as if it were your breasts and as if it were a hurt animal that you love and want to care for. Put it in the best place for ti to attach. Love your skin while you are doing this. Do NOT think "I hate this ugly thing".

One more tip: if you are using a girdle-type garment, make sure to get one with an "escape hatch" for using the restroom so that you will not have to move your skin around every time. It is fine and even good to touch the affected area through the garment, it helps circulation and therefore growth. You just don't want to "break" it away from the connections you are trying to grow.

2. Vitamins!Vitamins! Vitamins!

I will not make any specific recommendations here, other than vitamin C and other antioxidants. Online research for nutritional elements that are good for healing, growth, skin, muscles, collagen, elastin. It might help to see a nutritionist.

Water!Water!Water!and Exercise!Exercise!Exercise! and Breathe! Breathe! Breathe!

All of the above provide you with extra oxygen. You body is like a car because is a machine (an organic machine) The body machine needs oxygen to function optimally in all respects: oxygen maximizes fuel use = energy = growth, healing) To keep air flowing in a routine way, get up every 20 minutes you are sitting, always take the stairs instead of the elevator, take deep breaths.

Exercise also puts your muscles in the right place which in turn hold your bones and skin!

HOLD YOU BELLY "UP" and HOLD YOUR POSTURE EVERY TIME YOU CAN THINK ABOUT IT. (You might be surprised at how sore this simple act alone can make you!)

First, imagine the crown of your head is reaching for the ceiling.

Next, tilt your pelvis slightly backwards while stretching your spine bones apart in the waist area, lifting the ribs and squeezing your abdomen upwards in the following way:

Start with your "kegel" muscles in the pelvic floor. These are very important for supporting your belly.

Then squeeze the muscles above your pubic mound, working your squeezing upwards under the belly button [you are trying to "lift" your internal components - rather than trying to press them into your spine]

You are lifting your body into the correct position for growing. To understand you can place your hands on your body and press, feeling through the skin - feel the muscles are firm and in the correct position even though the skin is not attached firmly.

You have to HOLD YOUR POSTURE every time you possibly can. Keep your waist limber by moving it around at every opportunity becuase you don't want to be "stiff" like a toy soldier.

SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP - sleep is the time you heal the most - have you ever noticed a 'rosy glow" after sleeping? At your age, you will be healing ALOT while you sleep. Take some extra time out to sleep if you can :)

Finally  - attitude attitude attitude.

Provide your one and only body with love, understanding, and compassion.  It will respond better. Remember that people have actually put their cancers in remission by envisioning.



Whoops - more to say:

1. If there is still a lot of fat on the area, (panniculus) you can help reduce it by increasing circulation with slapping massage. I have used this.

I have not used the following because they required outside help or money but here are a few other ideas: Breaking the persistent fatty areas up with ultrasound, electrostimulation muscle therapy, or lecithin injection process.



< d_weight_loss.shtml>

This is really good unbiased information from a very reliable source. Hope this helps!

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