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Hanging Belly Syndrome

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Lol, Caught your attention? Good. Can someone please give me some advice on how to get rid of a hanging belly.  Please don't tell me surgery cause I rather be without more scars. I've been overweight since I was 11, I am now 26. I have had one child, c-section but only a bikini line cut so it's not down my belly, it's right under it. Please tell me there is an exercise that I can do that will give the elastisity back to my skin, or a cream? I've been doing sit ups, crunches, ab-lounge, ab-sport, and that machine at the gym that makes you twist your body using your abs and weights. I've seen a change in my waistline, but the sag...there's gotta be a way to get it to go back in place...I mean come on, my belly button is nearly in parallel with my crotch...please!

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there is literally nothing you can do to make your skin go back once it's been stretched to a certain point.  they won't have to make a new scar, they can use the line from the C-section.  honestly, i've heard from like over a dozen places that there is nothing you can do once you've stretched your skin to a certain point.

although i do have to say, risking your life with surgery for the sake of a cosmetic problem seems a bit extreme.  i'm sure it's 1000 times worse in your head than it is to anyone else. 

I'm sure it's not bringing threaholds of pain to someone else, but it does make my self esteem go down a few notches when I go dancing and all I can think about is the gravity pulling my belly in gerks everytime I move too fast, or when I run I can feel it shake/gerking (I think I'm spelling it

Ever worn a really good foundation garment - they really suck it in and flatten the area out.  Not the most comfy thing to wear day in and day out but good for a confidence boost when going out dancing!

honestly, it's your call.  make a cost/benefit rewards sheet for getting the surgery.


- self esteem
- comfort


- financial costs
- pain
- risk of complication

i think you get the idea.  you seem to have a great sense of humor and aren't like standing on a ledge over the problem, so psychologically i think you're in the position where it's totally up to you.  i wouldn't judge either way.  obviously my recommendation is that you're a beautiful person and you shouldn't worry about your body, but that's way easier said than done.



The truth of this may be debatable, but I've heard that eating foods like avocado and salmon - high in omega3 will help with skin elasticity. Whether that would be able to fix your problem, I'm not sure. My mum also told me that weight watchers used to get you to eat one meal of offal (liver, kdneys etc) a week, which was supposed to help "shrink" you, in terms of keeping your skin taught in the areas that you've lost weight. I can't vouch for it's effectiveness, and it's an old method (think 30 years ago), but it might be worth a try if you don't want the surgery. Although personally I think I'd try the avocado and salmon first.

Isn't callanetics supposed to pull things in and up? I tried doing them for my tummy for a bit and it does seem to make a difference (3 c sections here!). I've seen a similar thing on a dvd from amazon called the bar method and also lotte berk. These tiny movements seem to do the job. Way better than surgery.

yeah, honestly, i'm just going by what doctors have said on tv.  i think pretty much everything on tv, even if a doctor is saying it, probably has an ulterior  motive.  i am  by no means an expert or have any personal experience, so i definitely wouldn't make any decisions simply based on what i say.  sorry that i made it sound like i really know what i'm talking about, especially regarding something as serious as getting surgery.  that was pretty irresponsible of me.

Personally, I'm against cosmetic surgery in most ordinary situations. But it might be right for you

Do you know your body fat percentage? The first thing to do is to have your body fat percent be at a healthy and fit level (it may already be there). That will help the most. Ab specific exercises and creams will help a smaller amount.

If you have done these things and are still left with extra skin that is very troubling to you, the cosmetic surgery may be the way to go.

I have the same problem minus the c-section.  I am actually planning on getting a tummy tuck in September.  I work out very hard and I have a body fat now in the fit range and I just can not really do anything about the extra skin and it is absolutely nasty looking to me especially if I am bent over.  I would love to say I know away to get rid of it with no surgery but no such luck.  I feel like I was over weight for so long and I have worked so hard at some point in my life I deserve to look down and see a flat stomach and feel sexy.  I know if leaves a big scar but that to me is not as unattractive as a sagging tummy.  My husband wants me to just do what ever makes me happy so he finally agreed and I had him look at pictures to make sure his opinion about what was worse was the same as mine.  I hope you find what work best for you but for me the only option at this point is to get a tummy tuck so a surgeon can give me what my body can not no matter how hard I work.  ? Best of luck to you

If you maintain your weight for a year, then you should see all of whatever skin springback you are going to see.  Increasing muscle mass may hide some of it but after a year, that's it.

Surgery is only recommended right off the bat if there are complications from the excess skin such as recurrent infections.

So, there is no hope for me either?  No miracle cream???  The thought of going under a knife makes my skin crawl....

I had a c-section 13 years ago with my first kid.  I've lost about 13 lbs. and have seen some shrinkage in the belly but the "pooch" is still there.  I want to loose a few more lbs and see what it looks like then.

I don't think it'll be flat but perhaps smaller.  I figure that's where I carry my reserve.....

With midsection weight issues I believe serious cardio is how to lose it.  I have been told you can do all the ab execises you want, but you NEED the cardio to burn off the fat.  Underneath you are building you ab muscles, but the fat will not just go away.  I always try to flex my stomach and stand tall when doing any kind of cardio.  The focus on the area reminds me 10 min into the workout why I am doing this and keep it up!  My anatomy and physiology teacher said that people who are overweight or bigger in general have stronger abs because they use them more intensly to hold up the extra weight.  I have a belly well a pooch, or a fat tire whatever ya wanna call it, and it is so hard to get rid of.  Surgery is a big decision...but it may be for you.  Give yourself some more time to try all the suggestions from the post, and maybe talk to a physician.  Good luck with your decision!

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I've had 2 children and over the past 20 years my weight has fluctuated up to 100 pounds over weight...and what I have found it that cardio 5 times a week for at 30 mins and core exercies take care of the problem without previously stated...all the sit-ups in the world won't get rid of that layer of fat that overlays the muscle...cardio is the only way to get rid of it...I also eat a diet high in fish/omega-3's and no red meat or dairy...seems to also help with bloating, fat loss - especially abdonminal fat
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I feel like we are in the same boat! I've been overweight my entire life and topped out at over 360. I have lost 170 pounds over two years, and now I'm looking at what feels like a fat suit. I feel muscular underneath it all but I can't see it. My belly isn't my biggest concern, I can get that tucked in my jeans, but my saggy "bat wings" lol, is my problem. I can now fit in all the cute tops but now I have to worry about if the sleeves are long enough so my bat wings don't flop in the breeze.

I do all the weight training the experts recommend, for belly, arms, legs, etc. and I can feel the muscle under it all, but I still flop all over the place. I do 4-5 days of good cardio a week also. Thirty pounds to my goal, I'll probably do what the guy said about giving it a year of maintaining to see what is going to shrink, but I know it can't be much. I will definitely have surgery, I feel I've worked so hard for this body, and I'm still young (32), and I want to enjoy myself. I've gone from being self conscious sp? about my weight to being self conscious about my "bat wings" LoL! Let me know if you find any magic potions! Jody:)

I had a similar problem, minus the childbirth, skin that covered an additional 120+ lbs of my body. I was a teenage when I began to lose the weight, after losing the weight I opted to have the excess skin from my breast and arms removed. My surgeon suggested that if I plan to have any children, I should wait to have a tummy tuck. That was several years ago, the skin in this area has regained some elasticity although it does not hug my washboard abs. Believe me these are abs of steel now, and not just because I used them suck in all that extra weight before. I am a huge fan of doing what is necessary to feel good about yourself, but if that does not come from inside no surgery will fix the problem. It will just encourage the use of external forces to alleviate frustration. Not to mention lots of women look like they have pooches or excess fat around their tummies because they have extremely poor posture. Slumping, tucking in you tush, hunching your shoulders, any rounding done to your upper body makes you look less streamlined. Try working on your posture, your core (the center of your body), if you have not all ready done so. Surgery is cool only when you have exhausted all other options

I read this in a magazine and have been doing it for eight weeks.  I think I see a difference.  Take a tablespoon of olive oil and add three drops of cypress essential oil.  Massage your abdomen morning and night, first in circles to apply the oil, then up from bottom to top.  It's supposed to get the lymph flowing and be good for the skin.  Admittedly, I also do 40 minutes of cardio 5x/week and 180 crunches and the ab machine at the gym....  But I'm in my late 40s and the skin on my stomach is looking better, so worth a try, I think.

i had this extreme case of psoriasis that dried out my skin and caused all kinds of wrinkles under my eyes and cheeks.  i am only 25 and was getting all of these lines that i knew i wasnt supposed to be seeing.  i have started to take fish oil everyday.  4 times the amount than it suggests (my nutritionist said its ok) and twice the amount of vit b.  and ive applied a face lotion on everyday.  the lines have nearly disappeared.  not only that, my skin looks the best it's ever been my whole life. that includes every part of my body.  it took about a month or 2 to see real results.

Endermotherapie.  Big machine that helps bring back your skin's elasticity.  Talk to a dermatologist about whether or not there's a clinic near you.  I promise, this treatment works really, really well for most people.

mm hm, talk to a dermatologist and massage therapists first. a galvanic spa therapy can tighten skin dramatically, but i am not sure how long the effect lasts.

there is a place for surgery, but do your homework. don't opt for a surgeon because they are less expensive or closer to you - You Get What You Pay For.

a close pal had twins as a second childbirth and certainly required surgery. it was a long and patient ordeal as she dropped to a perfect weight and kept steady for two years before finally deciding. it was worth it, and she did her homework.

i have not had kids and consider the same as it certainly looks as if i had had twins... another pal has had 3 girls and one c-section... and her tummy is way nicer than mine.

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