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How do you handle soaking wet sport clothes?

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So, I'm not doing the laundry every day. But my work-out guarantees soaking, soaking wet cloths. And in the hamper, well...

What is your solution?

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I hang mine on hangars and put them on the shower pole.
I refuse to do laundry everyday (plus, as I'm a college student, that's expensive!).  I take off my sodden clothes and hang them up to dry somewhere out of the way, like a hook or hanger in the bathroom.  It may sound gross (and I agree that it is), but I only wash my workout clothes once a week.  By the end, I'm really starting to smell and they're almost stiff from all the sweat, but I figure that working out is not pretty and no one should be sniffing me then anyway, so. . .

my clothes are so wet while i'm working out that sometimes they're literally foaming up.  nasty!  i exercise in the morning before work.  so if i'm at a gym i trust (there are many nysc locations, and i've had stuff stolen before, sweaty and all), i'll hang it on the coat rack as you enter the locker room.  at the end of the day i'll pick up my stuff (nothing's dry, but at least it's not smelly).  then i hang everything on a dryer rack the minute i walk in.  at about 8pm, i febreeze everything. 

if i'm at a not-so-trusty gym, i hang my stuff on hangers in the locker and then pick everything up at the end of the day.

also i have two tank tops and two pairs of shorts (actually, three of each, but i don't like the third set much and only resort to it when necessary).

I lay my clothes out to dry after every workout and I only wear each outfit twice. So I use a total of 3 bottoms, 3 tops and 3 pairs of socks along with 3 sweat bands per week. Yes I have to wear sweat bands otherwise the sweat pours into my eyes making it impossible for me to see. On the day I rotate to a new outfit I put the dirty dry ones in the hamper.
heehee ... i'm so glad i'm not the only one who soaks through her clothes! 

I also am of the hang-them-on-hangers-and-wear-twice club (I even hang the socks and headbands).  I rotate them out every second workout (and only put them in the laundry hamper once they're dry).  In my current tiny apartment, I'm lucky that my closet has a convenient low rack right above the shoes.  I like the Febreeze idea!

I also have two sets - one for my running (which gets soaked) and the other for Yoga/Pilates which don't get quite so wet, and I normally alternate days so they have plenty of time to dry in between.

The WORST part, for me, is taking off that soaking-wet running bra over my head - yuck!!

I too leave soaked to the bone..I have 5 t-shirts I switch out and 3 pais of sweat pants..I  am  thinking  with winter coming I am going to buy some lycra tops or something that will dry shirts are so wet that I can not wear it again the next day because it is not dry.

cata ~

Sorry guys, but...EEEWWWWW!!!!  YUCK!!  GROSS!!

When I walk in the door I throw my workout clothes in the bathroom sink and as soon as I get a sec, I add a bit of water, Tide and after about 2 minutes of sloshing them around and rinsing them off, I hang them to dry.  It literally takes 2-3 minutes and imagine that, I manage to do it every day (with four kids under the age of 6 that I also homeschool, no less).  Once a week, they get the royal treatment in the machine (the clothes, not the kids).

C'mon, you're going for good health, why not combine it with decent hygeine? I said I can not wear them again...however,,, I do not use a if it is cold they do not dry,,I hang them up and wait for do them..because Mon is my only day off.  You could come wash them if you like??? >:)


Warning--probably TMI!!!!

I have a long commute and work out in the morning after driving to a gym near work. The night before, I put my clean clothes (usually slacks, a top and a blazer) for work in on a hanger that has 2 clips for slacks (I clip the slacks on, put the top over that and the blazer over the top. I hang them in my car ready to go in the morning.

In the morning, I put on my workout clothes and head out.

After my workout when I am soaking wet, I peel off the wet clothes, take the clean work clothes off the hanger (and hang them on a hook in my locker) and put the dirty wet clothes on the hanger--I clip the workout slacks, my underwear and my workout towels to the hanger and put the top over them. After showering and dressing, I go out to my car and hang the hanger with the wet, dirty clothes on a hook behind the driver's seat. It just looks like clothes hanging there. I lay my robe (usually damp) and bath towel (always wet) on the back seat.

Then I drive to work and park underground. I am often there for 10 or more hours. Eventually I go home. Depending on the temperature and humidity, the workout clothes, etc. may or may not be dry. If anything is damp, I hang it on separate hooks in my bedroom to dry.

They can then be put into the hamper (or worn again for those who don't share skinny_kitty's views).

--edited to add:

On weekends, I just come home soaking wet and hang the clothes on the hooks in my room (or start a load of laundry).

I can't wear them again, but I did invest in some clothes that are not cotton.  That helps them dry out a lot faster on theri own so they don't reak in my hamper.  I can't stand the feeling of being sweat-covered and cold from air conditioning once I start to cool down.

Also, if any of you are cyclists out there, DO NOT wear cycling shorts more than once!  I know they are a pain to wash and hang, but you don't wear underwear under those things, and it's just asking to get a nasty saddle sore!

I can't wear my clothes more than once. Yuck!  I get too sweaty and I stink!  If I don't come home after the gym, I throw my clothes into a plastic bag in my gym bag.

The only detergent that I found that can de-stink my laundry is Arm & Hammer.  Tide and Gain were useless against my potent stinky power...It also works great towels that didn't dry quickly enough and have that mildewy smell - which is an issue in my family, as my kids tend to drop them, balled up, on the floor, where they sometimes stay for days at a time. Again, yuck!

Have you guys ever tried the "dry fit" line of clothing?  I know they make a lot of shirts for golfing.  Actually my husband bought one at Walmart and he loves it.  Doesn't get all sweatty and he stays cool.  Just look for he "dry fit" type material.  I'm sure you won't be so sweatty.
under armor is key, everything that i work out in is that brand from shorts, spandex, shirts, sports bra, socks(amazing!!!).... everything they make is super light weight and drys quickly, it breaths well when im playing ultimate frisbee in 90 degree heat and also keeps me incredibly warm when we are playing in -20 degree snow storms. the only down fall is that its kind of expensive, its worth every penny though. all of our sports teams at school have custom under armor.
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