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Hand numbness while sleeping

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I wasn't exactly sure where this topic might fall, but since the problem has worsened since increasing my workout routine, I thought it might best fit here.

I have recentely, over the last 3 months, begun to experience numbness in my hands (In my left hand, more than my right though) while I sleep.  I often wake up multiple times in one night as a result.  The numbness is not just in a couple of finger, but rather the entire hand streching up into the arm.  Similar symptoms can be induced by holding my arms straight up above my head.   I have seen a doctor, but they were not able to give me a conclusive answer.  They mentioned that my pulse, in my left hand especially, was very weak with my arms above my head.

I looked into carpal tunnel syndrome, since I work in IT and am at my computer the majority of the day, but the symptoms did not seem to match.  I also heard of a condition called thoracic outlet syndrome, which is said to possibly be cause by increased exercise of the upper body.  So I thought that might be a possibility, but it just seems so remote, since I have a small frame and am not abundantly muscular.

I am looking into getting a second physician opinion, but thought I might query the forum to see if maybe someone out there might have an answer.
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This happend to me but I realized that I swithced from sleeping on my back to sleeping on my side. The result is that I put a lot of weight on my shoulder and it made my arm fall asleep to the point that I had numbness in my hands.  Try sleeping with a pillow between your arms at your chest to relieve some pressure on your shoulder, and/or try other sleeping positions.
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Actually, that is something I already do.  I have slept with a pillow next to me for support and also begun sleeping on my back, but it doesn't seem to make any difference.  The issue really seems to revolve around my arms not being in a downward position.  If I awake with my arm out to my side, perpendicular to my body, it will at times still have the problem of falling asleep.
I had numbness in my hands.  Caused from a pinched nerve in my neck.  Go get accupuncture it doesn't hurt and it really works.  I no longer have numbness.
I get numb too, but found out that it was my muscle pinching my vein in my elbow joint. i would go to the doc's to get checked out, could be blood flow problems..  best of luck...
i use to get that from sleeping with my hands over my head
I have had this problem.  I've never been officially diagnosed, but I strongly suspect it is carpal tunnel or related.  It's been much better (virtually gone now) since I've lost 50 pounds (I read this is common), but it was really giving me a lot of trouble, especially at night and in the winter when it's colder.  I used wrist braces I bought at the drugstore, which worked OK.  But what was most successful at alleviating the night pain was making sure my hands/wrists were supported on a pillow or something while I slept.  That is, keep everything straight, and don't let your hand flop up or down from your wrist.  Hope this works for you.

P.S.  My father was diagnosed with CP.  Oddly, he's right handed but it was his left arm that was giving him more trouble.  He had surgery on the left arm only, and both arms are fine now. 

Your muscles may be pinching somewhere and restricting blood flow.

I don't know about anyone else, but my limbs go numb very quickly. At one point I could only sit in a chair for 5 minutes without my entire back loosing feeling. That is when i went to the doctor, and they told me I fractured my lower back.

Go to a doctor if it persists!
I experienced something similar and was diagnosed with Antecubital Tunnel Syndrome and Carpel Tunnel.  I wore a brace at night for 6 weeks and had to retrain myself to not sleep with my arm bent.  I also took a prescription anti-inflammatory for 6 weeks.
This happens to me and I found out for me it was caused by clutching the blanket or sleeping with my hand under the pillow. It happens to me fairly regularly. I'll wake up and my whole arm will be numb and I wont even be able to move it. I clutch the blanket because my hubby has a tendency to steal my blanket. I have to hold on tight, lol.
Hey!  I'm a radiology technologist and this is a really common symptom of neck and lower back pain.  Of course, dependent and your age, and other physical indicators, massage and/or a trip to a reputable chiropractor is always an option as it does sound like a pinched nerve. 
Yep, happens to me. I now have to put a wrist brace on each arm at night since I discovered that I sleep with my hands crooked down against my wrists, and to add insult to injury, said hands were then jammed under a pillow. With the braces on I've had far less numbness.

sorry, dont have an aswer for you but anoyther similar condition. Sometimes i take xanax to go to sleep. One time for some reason the xanax took affect b4 i made it to my bedroom and i fell asleep in my chair. My head was slumped forward during my entire sleep. when i awoke in the morning, the entire left side of my head/skull was 100% NUMB and tingly. I figured i had pinched a erve and it would go away in time. HOWEVER... it remained numb for over a month. this scared me pretty good. but the feeling has since came back.

NOW.....last night, i fell asleep on my arm and now my right arm feels very similar. i have little control over my right hand and fingers & wrist. Example: I am unable to use a cigarete lighter. I can't even hold a pen- it just fallls out of my hand. I woke up at 7am today and it is now 3;30pm- feells exactly the same. i am normally perfectly healthy, young, and normal;normally have incredible dexterity in my fingers and hands. I''m also a professional guitarist so my fingers perform as precision surgical instruments.  I normally type faster than any human should be able to do and right now i am typing with one finger on my lleft hand. I didnt have a stroke, no history of nerve disorders, (unless this is the beginning) but i do have a history of back problems (herniated discs-4) and occasionally get some sensations or tingles on a bad day but for the most part, i am fine.

Does anyone know why this condition takes so long to go away and go back to normal?. email me please if you know.

Hi Dedubbs28,

       &nb sp;               &nb sp; I know your post was a while ago now, but just wondering if you found the cause. I also seem to have the same symptoms. I also noticed that it does become worse after a heavier workout. I have seen doctors and no one yet has given me a precise diagnosis. I personally believe it may be Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, as when your muscle mass increases and becomes tighter, then it will put pressure on the nerves in the Bracial Plexus region.  I think a Chiropracter or Physio is probably the best solution. Neck stretches also seem to help alleviate the problem a little. 

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