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is half an hour enough?

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I'm a college student and would like to lose weight and tone (don't we all want that).  Anyway, yesterday I began my new work-out routine, where I wake up early (8am) and run on the treadmill for 30 minutes before breakfast.  Waking up early isn't a problem for me, and I drink water during the workout so not eating before isn't a problem either.  (I don't feel fatigued or starved)  Is this 30 minutes of cardio enough per day? Or should I go back to the gym at night a couple nights too?  
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I'm no pro, but my understanding is getting out 3-4 times a week for 30 - 40 minutes is all you really need. That said, the more you do the better the results. Within reason. Real fanatics will hit the gym 5-6 days a week but they will vary their routine. For example, day one is lower body, day two is upper body and day three would be cardio. One day off, then the cycle repeats itself. Personally, I like hitting the gym once or twice a day but if you're going to go twice the rest day becomes all the more important. Perhaps even two, whatever feels right to you. Pay attenion to what you're body is telling you. If you're experiencing a little discomfort, that's ok. But if you start feeling pain, back off, you've prolly done to much. You might also consider speaking with a personal trainer and setting up a personallized workout. Good Luck!! : )
Personally I find that 30 minutes for me just maintains for me I see results when I do 45 minutes.  I feel like those extra 15 minutes are when I really burn.  That is me.
i've actually done 15 minutes a day, with 1700 cals and lost weight at a steady 1 lb a week. But then there were periods of time where I ate 1500 and excersized an hour and a half a day, and lost the same amount. Now that Im maintaining, I just sorta feel it out- if my pants are too tight, exercise a little more, eat a little less. If they're too loose, I enjoy myself with a break. It's all about what your body tells you (or what your pants tell you! :D)
30 minutes is a great place to start but eventually your body will adapt and you will have to either increase your time or intensity. ot you could add weights
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Increased exercise time has nothing to do with weight loss or muscle building. There have been scientific studies showing that working out for more than 30 minutes has no effect on your body; in fact, your body does not respond as well past 30 minutes. This means that 30 minutes (or around that) is the "magic number" of work out times. Like bodyscience said, if you begin feeling that your work out is getting easier, there's no need to up the time--just the intensity.
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So if I do, like today, 20 min on elliptical and 20 min on treadmill 5 days a week, I should lose weight (assuming a healthy diet as well)? Do I really need to do weights with that program. I really don't like lifting weights!
with a good cardio regime, you'll improve your overall health and lose weight and fat.  BUT. strength training will significantly boost your fat burn and it is really the only good way to tone your muscles. so if you want to look sleek and toned once you lose the fat, you need to do strength training.

also--your body will adapt to your workout regimen, so make sure you change it up after a month or so.
the problem is you will lose weight, but you don't want to be flabby or soft. you want to be firm(at least i hope you do) so eeven just two days a week of weights just working the major muscles will help. and the more muscles you build the more bodyfat you burn in a 24 hour time period. Muscles burn calories than cardio over a 24 hour period.
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Ah crud. O well, thought I'd get out of that one, but I DEFINATELY don't want to be flabby! Yuck:)
Yoga is good strength training if you don't like weights.  There is a great website called Yoga Today that posts free video classes online.
I was in relatively good shape and when I started working out I just did aerobics every morning before breakfast (best time to work out - burns the most calories) for only twenty minutes and I got excellent results.  Now I'm up to about thirty minutes and if I ran for any longer I'd be dead bored.

If you enjoy running and don't get bored easily, you might not mind doing 45 - 60 minutes of running.  But I think doing that much running seven days a week is pretty excessive and you'll get sick of it pretty fast (unless you're training for a marathon).

(Even *10* minutes of running is amazing excersize for anyone out of shape.  But I would incorporate speed walking for five minutes before and for five minutes after in order to get at least 20 minutes of exercise.)
You don't have to life weights to tone.  I hate lifting weights and simply don't do them.  I get my strength from my body's own natural resistance by doing pull-ups, sit-ups, push-ups, squats, lunges, and various "core" (ab) work.
The only problem with that you will continue to get into shape and loss weight. That means less resistance! What will you do then?
i heard that it takes your body 20 minutes of cardio to start buring fat.  so i guess the reall pounds come off after youve been walking/ running foe 20 minutes. 
personally i do my cardio after my weights.
thats the best way to do it bettybooya
bodyscience, I think then you have two options other than weight training:  (1) keep increasing your reps to build endurance/tone muscle, or (2) change the specific exercises to make them harder.  If regular pushups are getting too easy, do fist pushups or elevate your feet.  This is why yoga is great for strengthening and toning because as you get better you can advance to more and more difficult postures that continue to challenge your body.  No, you won't win a strong man competition, but you will stay fit and toned -- without weight training.
ok well what if you just want excersise like to tone muscles? i know u have to lift but what if ur realy good at running but have no fat to burn...i was also told by my trainer that alot of running will make it impossible to build up muscle and if u run for realy long periods of time ur body will break down the muscle u have and convert that into energy! so how do u incorperate running into your muscle building workout? two 15min  sessions a days as opposed to one 30min session?
I think running is going to burn a lot of calories no matter what you do.  Sprints are more of a strengthening exercise than long-distance running because sprinting is primarily anaerobic (like weight-lifting).  But you'll still burn a ton of calories.  If you're worried that your body will start breaking down your muscle tissue as fuel, you probably need to eat more calories to fuel your workout.
I am not a trainer but here is what I know about weight training as a former athlete and current college studentā?¦

Tough it out and build some kind of free weight component into your routine.  Increasing your muscle mass increases your daily caloric usage, leading to an increased BMR.  Also, you will develop more muscle and tone, improving physic.

I am a guy that takes 21 semester hours and works full time.  I do cardio for 45 minutes before work and I circuit train and another 15 minutes cardio to burn off stress and loosen up between 4:00 and 5:00.  I have lost 20 pounds and have nearly 100 to go.
I combine my walk-runs with yoga. I don't do any other weight/strength training. Yoga does it for me. You could also try pilates.
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