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Ha,wait what? Warrior Dash...

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So low and behold, my fiancee sprung on me the fact he wants to participate in the warrior dash (dfw).

I told him I'll train with him, run with him to help him get ready but I'm not getting muddy for any good causes, but I'll support him!

What are some good workouts to do, other then running, to help him train. He's got to climb up a small wooden wall with a rope, so what's a good way to get him ready for that? We have a weighted vest that will help him a little I'm sure, but what else can we do outside of a gym to help him get ready?

(I'll be purchasing a nice warm hoodie to put our last name on the back to yell GO YOU from the sides. That's my support!) lol


Here's what we're looking at

Of course we're the North Texas group, and it'll bring up the course.

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Lots of core work, which you don't need any weights for. That sounds like an awesome race.

Thanks, he seems a little excited haha

Wow that looks brilliant, and they have them here too! Not sure I'll be fit enough by June! Mind you, I've got five months!

I did WD in AZ last year - it was a blast, mud and all.  The mud is only right at the very end, it's really not that bad...

Assuming he can already run the distance, I would suggest lots of strength training.  If you have the strength, most of the obstacles are pretty easy.  Also work on agility - you can do drills with rope ladders on the ground (or chalk on a sidewalk, etc).

When running, he'll also want to incorporate some sprints and some hills.

I did the Spartan Sprint last summer, which is similiar to the WD.

See my journal posts here and pictures here.

My advice: work on endurance and get used to running up HILLS. That was the worst part for me! And perfect your burpees because I ended up doing a million of them. As someone suggested above, getting into Crossfit would be an awesome idea, since they specialized in functional exercise. "Lots of core work" won't benefit him all that much. Overall conditioning is key.

Also, for the climbing part, I was too afraid of causing a pile up of people behind me so I just took the penality and did burpees.

Did it last year and doing it again this year.

The running will be the easy part.  And depending on which wave you're in will determine how much bottlenecking and back-up there will be with each obstacle. 

If I'm looking at the right course you'd be running, it's the one considered "Central Texas," right?  If that's the case, then most of it will actually be pretty simple.

  • Rubber Ricochet looks like just dodging tires in a gauntlet-like fashion.
  • Warrior Wall: if you can climb a ladder, that's all it is.
  • Vertical Limit: same idea -- climb a ladder, jump down into the hay pile on the other side (there's a knotted rope to climb down, but it's not that far a drop
  • Teetering Traverse: just a series of narrow wooden planks to run across. If your balance is good, you can run over them (I did; felt like a ninja while doing it Wink)
  • Road Rage: this took some cardio work.  I ended up just running across the tops of the tires rather than doing the football-practice hopping. That saved energy for climbing over the cars (and look ahead for where the bottlenecks are, because you want to jump over the hoods and trunks; some guys tried going over the roof because they saw gaps, but that ended up costing them time in the end).
  • Chaotic Crossover: takes more time than energy because you end up in traffic.  Easiest way to get across is to roll rather than crawl.
  • Horizontal Hike: looks like the classic arched monkey bar type of set-up at playgrounds.
  • Storming Normandy: looks like a series of belly crawls.  This benefits us smaller guys who can scurry on the ground faster than bigger dudes. :)
  • Roaring Waters: haven't done this one, though it concerns me because I have to wear contact lenses.
  • Cargo Climb: just climb up a 15 foot A-frame on rope netting then climb down the other side. Made trickier because you'll be wet, and it'll be slick at the apex.  Not a good one for people with a fear of heights, like me....but I did it!
  • Warrior Roast: looks more intimidating than it is.  It's just two rows of Duraflame fire logs that you can really just walk right through.  It's more for appearance than any significant challenge.
  • Muddy Mayhem: another belly-crawl exercise, except with muddy water.  It takes a combine swim & crawl to get through, but not too bad.

Something to be careful of, though, is that at the end, the announcers try to get contestants to do crazy dives and jumps into the mud.  Be very, very careful in letting ego and adrenaline make the decision.  We had a kid last year (I say "kid," but he's about 22, so to me...he's still a kid!) who apparently tried to do a flip into the mud pit and didn't realize how shallow it was.  Cracked his neck and was paralyzed from the chest down.

I did a racing dive, and discovered how stupid that idea was when I got a faceful of muddy water and I panicked for a second when it felt like I lost my left contact lens.  So this year, I'll just slow down and jump in with both feet, then start crawl-swimming. :)

In the end, WD only looks more intimidating than it really is.  If you can run for a steady pace, climb with average performance, and swim a little, anyone can do it.  I saw people of ALL shapes and sizes doing it last year.  Triathletes said it was harder than anything they expected, but that makes sense because it's not all a steady pace.

My wife finished the course in just over an hour, and she's not an athlete.

Most formalized training regimens would be overkill, I think.  Not a bad thing to get into, of course, but training specifically for WD if you've never done one before can be tricky because the courses change every year and you don't quite know the scale of the obstacles until you get to them.

For me, most of it was "oh, that's not nearly as bad as I made it out to be in my head!"  The pictures look worse than the real thing.


Run, run,& run some more. The website tells you that too. It does look more intimidating than it is. I found myself welcoming the obstacles because i was tired of running :-) I did the one in Roanoke last year. Where, when is your race?
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