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Gym Twice A Day

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Okay, I know two hours at the gym consecutivley doesn't really help you much. But what if you go to the gym twice a once in the early morning and then one in the evening?

It would probably be cardio for an hour each time.

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Why do you want to go to the gym twice in a day?

A lot of athletes have two workouts a day. So it's not harmful if you're in really good shape.  And it might be helpful if you are training for some sort of sport or challenging goal.  

But, if you're trying to burn a ton of calories quickly, you might want to reflect.  Like eating, exercise is a lifestyle, not a crash program. Do exercise that you enjoy, and that you can keep up for a long time. If you drive really hard just to burn calories, you'll burn yourself out and exercise less in the long run.

(Edited to clarify reasoning and not sound mean.)

it's fine to do as long as you are eating properly and making sure you recover before your next cardio bout. just listen to your body if you start to get too worn out, then cutback to just one a day.
@ Alevin -- true true. I wouldn't want to burn myself out.   I was actually just curious.  I live on campus and I was thinking of going to the gym early in the morning for myself, but sometimes my friends want to go and instead of sitting in the dorm I would go with them for support and stuff.  I don't think I would go too hardcore on the second workout. Thanks for the advice.
I heard that splitting a 1 hour workout into 2 30 min workouts at different times of the day is good for you because you're allevating your heart rate twice in one day. I think it's pretty unrealistic to go twice a day regularly!
I do this a few times a week.  Usually they are very different workouts, like I will run at lunch and then swim after work.  The only issue with this is that it makes meal planning a little more difficult.  This is also not something I would do every day, mostly because the changing/showering aspect of things can get really draining.

jenlett, cool.   in that case, it would be good to make the second workout different from the first. If one is cardio, do some weights.  Or do a different machine for the cardio, if you ran on the treadmill, use the elliptical, rowing machine, or bicycle. Crosstraining is good.

and make sure to eat enough! account for the workouts, don't go below 1000 calorie deficit. If you feel better a somewhat lower deficit, please eat. 500 is good.

I just read somewhere that ideally, the best is to do like 30 minutes, rest 20, then do 30 more...but I would imagine sticking in two work outs a day, with proper eating, really can't be too bad

My question to you you sweat a lot? lol I've often wanted to go to the gym a second time..but I sweat so much, and I just hate the hassle of having to shower twice..I'm envious of those who can go to the gym during lunch hour or something and just go right back to working haha

When I can fit it in my schedule, I go before work and after. Morning lifting, late afternoon cardio.

Why not add some lifting?  Great for fat burn and it will help you build muscle which will burn more calories in the long run.

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Which is better for you when running on a treadmill - 30 minutes of cadio on a fat burn programme with an average heart rate of 130 throughout the session, or a 30 minute interval session 2 mins on jog (heart rate about 140) and then 3 mins on run (heart rate about 160).
Original Post by j-c:

Which is better for you when running on a treadmill - 30 minutes of cadio on a fat burn programme with an average heart rate of 130 throughout the session, or a 30 minute interval session 2 mins on jog (heart rate about 140) and then 3 mins on run (heart rate about 160).


30 min, intervals. (the 2nd choice you stated)  This will give you more fat burn.
Yes, and interval workouts are best to do once a week, not every time you use the treadmill.
I recently switched to doing this.

I originally was doing my exercise in the morning and that was it.  (I was averaging 35-40 miles a week).

In the last 2 1/2 weeks I changed to do bikram yoga (90 minutes) in the morning and then running for 30-40 minutes (4-5 miles) in the evening.  I've noticed I'm sleeping a lot better, have a lot more energy, and just feel great.

I haven't changed my eating pattern really, nor have I "lost" weight, but I think I'm toning a little.  Then again, its only been 2 1/2 weeks so to be realistic, I'm not "expecting" to see much till week 7 or so.

Good luck!

Thanks for all the replies.  


@jazz: I do actually sweat a lot! So yeah, I would have to shower twice a day if i did it.  But I'm not planning on going too hardcore with the second workout, so I don't plan on sweating that much.  I can imagine it would be challening to fit in a workout/shower and then quickly head back to work!!


@alevin: will do, I think that's a good idea with the switching it up.  I'll probably end up doing some low impact work.  It's all for support so I guess as long as I'm in there with her I'm helping her out, might as well do a little something too.  

well in my opinion 2H cardio in one day is way to much, max i would say is 45 min.  If 45 min is to easy they bump up the intensity but i would not go over that.  I go to the gym twice a day, 1H-1:30 min of weights in the am 6days a week and then 4 days a week 45 min cardio in the pm.  In that 45 min I burn 800 cals so if you need to burn more then that you need to tighten up your diet.  2H of cardio a day is a prescription for muscle loss.

When I am in a mass building cycle its the same in the amount of weights in the am then another 1H weight session in the pm 6 days a week.
Also, i would sip on some bcaa's when doing cardio
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