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Is it terribly inappropriate to stare at girls at the gym? I admit it, I glance to stare (only for a few seconds) to just about every girl at the gym I go to. I can't help it. I'm no pervert, believe me, but I love to look at girls. Sometimes I'm on the treadmill and there'll be a girl a treadmill or two down from mine and I can't help but to want to look over. I try to be discrete, but I think they notice I hope they don't think I'm a creep.

Do you stare at girls at the gym?


Also, not sure if this is the best board to post this on. If not, mods please give me a hand here by moving this to the most appropriate board.

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There's a woman at my gym that I started staring at while at the gym.

After awhile, I would follow her around the gym in stealth mode.

I then started following her home and parked outside of her house.

BTW...what's a restraining order?

(Sorry...I couldn't resist this....)

girls are used to being stared at - it's the poor men i worry about.

a little background: i have been mostly single for 4 years at least. so i know squat about men. i noticed the First Cute Guy Ever at the gym the other day... now that i go at a diff time every single day i see him there every single day at the same time now...

he noticed me glance (okay, like several several glances) and now he throws glances at me too... our paths to machines, weights, water or whatever are now crossing.


  i am petrified.


it is so grade two of me. i am totally "oh ****! it's the cute guy! run!! hide!!"


the thing that sucks, is i am the girl who is nervous of the weights in front of men thing already... so it was a week and a half i only got two sessions in.


so the thing is, is he only looking to figure out why the hell i was looking? can he tell i am petrified? does this happen often? would anyone notice if i wore sunglasses? should i read more magazines and face the wall?

p.s. before anyone asks we both wear all kinds of clothes - like pants and long sleeves and stuff. hah.

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