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Remember some years ago when they were advertising this electronic gadget that you could carry with you and type in a food and it would give you all your nutritional facts.....

What the heck is it called?? This has been bugging me.
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not a placement add! I have nothing to do with it.

I googled for what you were looking for qween in this is what I found.

hope it helps!
thanks darkenedvelvet..I hope it helps too
Hey Qween... not a guy.. but I bought a Nutrtional manager that has a Pedometer in it  too for like 14.00 or 15.00 recently at Radio shack.   I intend to use it when I travel and go camping to keep track of my intake... It also has a data base that has some fast food info in it too. 
oh yea, what's it called.. the one i looked up cost $40 bucks... if that's helpful.. I'd rather pay a cheaper price
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