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Group Exercise Classes - Calories Burned?

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This is probably something I'd have to buy an HRM for, but I figured it'd be good to ask for at least an estimate here first. :)


I belong to New York Sports Clubs and take two classes there:

Total Body Conditioning - 55 minutes long. The instructor makes us do every exercise for 2-3 minutes with about 10 seconds of rest between each. Exercises include squats, lunges (or a combination of both -- using weights), bicep curls, tricep extensions, shoulder presses, walking push-ups, planks, quad raises (not sure that's what they're called) more. Basically, it's hell. The heaviest dumbbell I can use in this class is 8lbs and even that gets to be way too much.

Spinning - Anywhere from 40-55 minutes long depending on the instructor. Includes warm up (at about a 5 on the PERS [Perceived Exertion Rating Scale] scale for me) and cool-down. Classes vary by instructor, but the movement is constant and my heart rate definitely gets way up there. I'd say at least 75% of the class or more has me working at about an 8 or 9 on the PERS scale, so it can be challenging.


SO, with all that being said, how many calories do I burn, approximately, during these classes? I'm 24 (until next month), female, approx. 5'3", 120 lbs give or take a few, and I work out about 6 days a week.

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go to the activity browser and use calisthetics for the weight class and use bicycling ( there may be spinning as a choice?) and then CC will do the calculations fro you

I would think the weight class is a lot harder than calisthenics, though.  We have to do every exercise for two minutes (or 3) straight -- twice -- with weights.  I can barely move this morning! 


I think I'll just buy an HRM -- hopefully that will be able to tell me?  It's more for curiousity's sake than anything else.

Def suggest getting the HRM

I took an RPM spinning class this morning, it was 45mins long which included a warm up and cool down, I wore my HRM and it showed I burned 356 calories.  I am 28, 109 lbs and 5ft. 

Not sure if that helps you in anyway, but kind of gives you an idea. 

Thanks, lilreenz!  I'm a bit bigger than you so I might burn a little more calories but it's probably about the same. :) 


What kind of HRM do you have?  I would love to have one that told me calories burned and also has a stopwatch (for when I do HIIT) -- for some reason I can't find one with both of those features?!

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I am 5'4 and about 140lb's and I do the same classes as you mentioned we call the Weight class "Rep" I have a F11 Polar HRM and I burn anywhere from 375 to 440 calories in a Spinning class and about the same in my Rep Class. sometimes higher when pylometrics are added.

 It is hard IMO to come up with a general amount of calories in a Spin class just because it really depends on your individual effort and the resistance you use on the bike. I am a Fitness Instructor and have had people burn over 500 Calories or just 200 in the same class. Its easy for some  to slack.

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