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Good women's underwear for working out???

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Hi everyone! I know this is a strange question, but I am serious - does anyone have any suggestions for good, comfortable underwear to wear while running and/or working out that won't ride up and give me a perma wedgie?  

Brand and style suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I have the hanes cotton undies that have the comfort soft bands, bikini style.  I like them because the elastic is all covered up and can't pinch.  I don't have any trouble with them riding up.  Bonus -- they are also tagless. 

Jockey bikini cut are also comfy. Covered elastic and tagless.

the running shorts that have built in undies... regardless of what type of exercise (especially good for Yoga when you can see up your shorts!) or commando (if wearing lycra tight / spandex/ etc. bottoms).

I like Patagonia thongs, they are very confortable and you can wear them under  running legging with no lines. I also wear the running shorts with built in undies.


thongs. no brand preference.

I don't wear them working out.  Not often when I don't work out either!

I was beginning to wonder if I were the only one who preferred thongs...Now that I'm not alone, THONGS!

I wear runners shorts with built-in undies; or I wear fitted black cotton pants / knee-length shorts with no undies. Always works for me!

Original Post by lbh:

I was beginning to wonder if I were the only one who preferred thongs...Now that I'm not alone, THONGS!

 haha, I figure, its gonna get all up in there anyhow, might as well be the least amount of material I can find!

besides commando. I just can't do it, capt'n!

Got me some Nike Dri-fit capris. totally don't require underoos. Felt SO Weird at first. I'm used to it now though :]

I second everyone who's mentioned commando - I find running tights/shorts that have a cotton or cotton-like material in the crotch. After constantly getting small blisters where the elastic hit my skin, I gave up wearing undies under my running togs.

Thongs girl here as well, once I got used to them there was no going back.

I do enjoy going commando also but it doesn`t happen often that conditions are right.

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lol @ this.

oh, and i'm a thongs girl aswell. no brand preference, either.

cotton thongs

once a thong girl always a thong girl



Thongs here too, although even they can get a little too wedged when working out. I also like the work out pants with the cotton crotch thing that don't require undies.

Sloggi are great for those of us who shouldn't inflict going commandoor thongs on the world.

I actually think it's way more offensive to see a woman's panty line than none at all.  Thongs are the way to go if you don't want commando.  I mean.. panty lines are pretty nasty on any one.. not to mention when you are working out.  BUMMER!

I'm a thong as well and have been for many years.  If your undies are going to end up there (wedgie), then why not put it there to begin with?!? Wink

I get mine at La Senza (Canada)  both regular and work out.  They specialize in undergarments and have all different types and styles for everyday wear and work out gear.

Yeah thongs!!!!Laughing

I would love info on a good sportsbra though!

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