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Is it good to exercise every day?

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I am a person of habit, so when I start doing something, I like to do it daily (Hmmm... must be how I gained weight!). So lately I've been going to the gym every day to use the treadmill/elliptical/and some weight machines. Is it ok to go every day, every week? I heard you're supposed to take a break or 2 every week. But I'm worried if I miss 1 day.. then I'll skip the next, and the next, etc. So what do you think?
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Anyone have any suggestions how many days per week to work out?
You shoudlnt smash yoruself at the gym every day - you need recovery time.
I go every day, but I only do 30 min, then 30 min walking later. So thats not much

What you need to do is examine your lifestyle - how often CAN you go to the gym(time, money, physical requirements etc). How often WILL you (as in, if you're a person who doesnt like to get up and go somewhere, you'd be better off going to the gym less, for longer amounts of time. If you can get yourself there easy, then go for shorter stints) And decide what is best for you. Of course, many people here go through the same thing, and can help.

I'm a uni student - I find it easier for me to go the gym every day for less amount of time, as its de-stressing and the gym is close.

But you should do some form of exercise every day - walking, pushups, streches, yoga, swimming, dancing - whatever, for about 30 min, depending on your age.

I think you should give it a rest on some days. Eg this week go Monday and do 80% cardio 20% weights, Tues, 50% cardio 50% weights, have Wednesday off, thurs, 70% weights, 30% cardio,   etc etc so you have time to rest.
I used to be really scared that if I skipped a day I would skip the next, too. But now I just never go to the gym on Sunday. That is my day off and is just as much a part of my routine as is going to the gym every other day.

I still do yoga and go for a walk on Sunday though just not an intense workout.

I don't really know if you're supposed to take a day off but I feel like I'm being nice to my body by resting one day a week.
I also think it depends on individuals. Personally I would exercise everyday for at least 30min (usual intensity for at least 1 hr, on days I consider off 30min). Yet there are times that my body really need a break. Recent one was when I worked out 8days straight intense. the 9th day my body just wanted to rest. So I did. And the next day when I went back to routine, I felt refreshed & stronger. So you shd test it. See how much you can take or endure and listen to your body.
I agree with others - listen to your body.  Don't over do it and end up hurting yourself and then not being able to work out at all.

for me I work out daily 7 days a week.  I do a variety of different things and levels of intensity.

I do weights but only 2 days a week.  On weekends I walk 4 miles a day but I consider this my "rest days"   The other days I do elliptical or my cardio class.  For me my goal is to burn at least 600 calories a day working out. 

If you find you must go to the gym daily then choose a couple days of light work. 
I don't strength train everyday.  I will do cardio on m/w/f and then my weights/strength training on t/th.  I generally take the weekends off.  Although sometimes I will workout on Sunday, but if I do, then I will take Monday off.
I'm doing cardio 6 days a week, strength training 4. (upper body one day, lower the next, day off, repeat). There's one day a week of nothing. At least, that's the plan, but for various reasons it tends to get thrown off as life happens. I'm sure it's not a problem to go every day, but I think I do better with an off day.
Today is my 4th day straight of going and I do high intensity cardio and weights for about an hour every day, and my legs and arms are killing me! I feel like if I don't go though, my weight loss will slow down... but today when I went, it was A LOT more difficult to run than on day 1 or 2. I think I might take tomorrow off.
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I run everyday.  Average 3 miles/day.  Do I get sore sometimes? yes.  Is that a reason to take a couple days off? no.  Will the muscles recover if you don't take a rest day? yes.  I just run slower when needed.

You can do it
I rarely get sore muscles.  I did last week after doing weights again after taking 2 months off my biceps were screaming at me for 2 days, but today they are fine again even though I worked them hard last night.  Also Wednesday my chest hurt after working those musles.  I worked them again last night and they are fine today.  I find if I let the muscles rest a day and then work them the next they tend to recoup faster.  I find if I let them take too much time off they will tighten up and stay sore longer.


i am a new member, just joined.  I excercise 7 days a week, 4 hours a day. I am afraid to gain weight, I want to lose more on my stomach area. What should I do.  Rosie

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