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Is it Good to Take a Break from Exercise?????

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I've heard it's good for your body to have a break (1-2 weeks) from exercise periodically (like every 6 to 8 weeks).   Anybody out there have any expertise on this? 

I've been working out pretty hard for 3 months now....usually three days cardio and three days weight training, and periodically I'll do yoga or pilates once a week.  Anyway, for the past few days my body has been very sore and just tired feeling.  I'm thinking I need a little break, but I know I'll miss working out and I was just wondering if anybody has some good advice?
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I don't know about periodically taking a week or two off... I guess I can't advise on that.  But I would highly recommend listening to your body.  If you are drained, take a break until you feel energized again.  If that's one day, three days, whatever...

Hope this helps!
I have read plenty of stuff about plateauing in your exercise program. i.e. where your strength gains/wieght loss (whatever your goals) have stopped because your body has adapted to your workout routine. In fact, it has been recommend to do exactly as you are thinking. 

Use the time to recharge, and rethink your exercise routine and goals...  Small changes to your routine can keep you interested and your body challenged to you keep improving, or even go for a complete workout routine overhaul. Where you make a plan for progressing your workout for the next 3 months. Don't forget healthy breaks in that plan so your body can recover.

just my 2c

good luck and healthy living!
Thanks for your input.....:)
A while ago I read an article on (on I think) that some trainers recommend taking one week off every eight weeks. I've tried to find the article to link it here (and because I'd like to read it again myself), but can't find it.
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I would have to say, taking a few days to a week is not a bad idea.  I was doing 2 hours workout 5 to 6 days out of the week for three months straight, and took a break cause I had to go on a conference.  When I got back it was a bit hard for me to get right back on track with exercising.  But i realize that the days off working out definately allowed my body to shed off the weight, and people noticed right away when I they see me that I"ve lost weight. 

So,... I say its a do especially if you workout a lot!
I've found that taking two weeks off is great when you've been going at it for a long time.  If you've really been pushing yourself, you should see some gains while you're off, and when you start up again, you'll feel like you have a whole lot more energy.  Just make sure you're really going to get back to it right away.  
I agree with Starffy.  I am just starting my routine again after taking a week off and boy do I feel great.  I can't wait to get to the gym again whereas last week I was putting off and putting off till I decided just to take a week to relax and go home after work to spend time with my hubby.
i would definitely say that if you did choose to take a break, make sure you still eat healthy. when i can't workout i make sure i eat extra well to make up for not working out.. just my opinion
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