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Garbage bag?

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Hi, has anyone tried cutting a black garbage bag and wrap it around your upper body/stomach while working out.  What are your results. 

Recently I am trying that, while kickboxing and while I am on the stationary bike.  There was alot of sweat, big water droplets. 


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Ummmm.... why the hell would you do that to your skin/body?!?!

I actually did try something like that once or twice, alot of sweat but I am not sure if it would do anything to help lose weight Smile

Haha. I'm sorry I can't help but laugh; not at you of course.

It's just that I'm reminded of a guy I see at the gym all the time wearing something similar and it looks totally silly to me.  Again, no offense.

If your goal is dehydration, it's a great idea.

For fat loss, it's a horrid idea.

hoooo hahahah wow. nice. i have heard of using saran wrap and such as well. the effect you are after is akin to a Spa style Thermal Wrap.

It don't work that way.

this is kind of like an urban myth based partly in fact. if you pay good money to have a wrap done (with or without exercise) it will firm your skin for a short amount of time. a very short time. the effect is mostly useless save for photo shoots and wedding days.




Original Post by siu82:

Hi, has anyone tried cutting a black garbage bag and wrap it around your upper body/stomach while working out.  What are your results. 

I haven't used a trash bag, but I used to have a 'plastic suit' that I bought at a sporting goods store.  The results were, I sweet a lot, I was lighter when I got on the scale, my body-fat didn't change and when I re-hydrated I was back to the weight I started at.


Seriously? Whattt??!! People put plastic on their body when they workout? What is this meant to do??? Sorry but it seems to be really, really stupid to me. I don't get it. It's not like plastic is going to do anything to your fat... wth?

The result is that you look like a total flipppin' tool.

it has zero affect on fat-burning, it will increase your chances of dehydration, and whatever "weight" you have lost during your exercise, will be back right after you drink a bottle of water.  This is a dangerous practice and should be avoided.

The military girls (and civilian) like to do that and then sit in the sauna...  mmm smart.

It makes you sweat. If you are trying to get under a certain weight to compete in a sporting event (say, wrestling), then you want to get as low as you can, regardless of what you are losing. But the effects are temporary - as soon as you start drinking again, your weight bounces back up.

For fat loss there is no reason to do it, because it does nothing to change the amount of fat you have, and it will not change the effectiveness of your workout (except to dehydrate you and limit your body's ability to regulate its temperature, which could in turn mean you'd have a crappier workout).

So yeah, bad idea.

yeah, i've heard it called a "sauna suit." like the others say, does nothing for real weight loss, it's just water

The oldest trick in the book.. :p

No seriously, someone would try this? In public?

What? -_-()

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Hmmm, I haven't tried that one yet...but what I do is this....

First  I put on an old t-shirt I made that has one long sleeve and the other sleeve is cut off. Then I put my shorts on backwards.  Next I put on one black sock and one white sock.  And finally I wear my right shoe on my left foot and my left shoe on my right foot. 

No, of course it doesn't help me lose any weight.  But I look just as silly as the people who wear the garbage bags!

This is an old trick used by high school wrestlers.  Other things they do:

spit in a cup all day instead of swallowing

wrap their limbs in duct tape and run up and down stairs

eat no food at all the day of their weigh-in...

stop that, it's not going to make you healthier.  it's nice to sweat, and nice to feel your body warm--all your muscles limber--while you work out, but stopping the perspiration process is just pointless.  you're just heating your body unneccessarily and losing vital hydration (and presumably you are not replacing it?).

Actually I wrapped the bag over my body and then wore a tight workout sweat absorbent long sleeve and then wore a t shirt over it. Of course I try to make it as unnoticeable as possible.  At first I thought the sound of the bag would make people at the gym wondering what that sound was but actually the aerobic music cover it and also the other time, the sound of the machines cover it as well. 

I do feel and look slimmer.  Also I drink a lot of fluids through out the day anyways.  I heard it helps to release toxins from your body from the sweat as well.  So far ok for me. 

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Be careful with stuff like that!!! I've only known guys who have done it for wrestling, and it always made me nervous...

Make sure to shower well after working out - excessive sweat can make your body breakout.
siu82 writes:

I heard it helps to release toxins from your body from the sweat as well.
Most talk of "releasing toxins" is new age bullcrap. Your body does eliminate a lot of waste through your skin, but most is via kidneys and colon. If everything's working correctly, then there is no need to buy into snake oil patches, oils, or questionable practices like what you're doing. The real way to purge "toxins" from your body is via fluid intake (and output!), gentle exercise (just enough to warm up the muscles and limber up?a very, very easy effort), and massage. That's it.

So far ok for me.
No, not OK for you. You are overheating yourself, which accomplishes two things and two things only:
  1. You reduce the level of your exercise performance, because your body is working so hard to try to get rid of the excess heat. This means that your muscles aren't getting the full benefit of the workout, and you will not get the training adaptation you desire, be it increased endurance, stamina, or toning/sculpting.

  2. You are dehydrating yourself, further reducing your exercise performance and limiting your body's ability to shed excess heat. Combine with #1 above, and you are spiraling in, so to speak. In an extreme case, you could give yourself a heat injury (e.g., heat exhaustion, heatstroke).

There is no such thing as "sweating off the pounds." This business about "releasing toxins" in the manner that you are trying to do has no scientific basis. It is all crap. Whoever said this was a good idea is suffering from a severe cranial-rectal inversion.
Original Post by behanna:

There is no such thing as "sweating off the pounds. 

You can absolutely 'sweat off pounds', you can't sweat off fat or sweat out "toxins" but dehydrating yourself will make you lighter.

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