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gaining weight instead of loosing after month of dedication...

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I went to BarMethod and signed up a month ago. We were advised to stick with 3-4 times a week 1hrs sessions, eat as before (if it was healthy), and do not weight ourselves for a month. It was promised to be a nice surprise...

I liked the challenge! I felt pretty sore for 2 weeks, but still was going every second day to my BarMethod place and work out challenging my body's limits.

Well. Today is a month. Stepped on a scale, and comes a surprise!!!! - I gained 5lb!!!! It is a lot for me, since I crossed a line of healthy 25BMI.

Advise?  Few other clues: a)I am still a bit sore. b) I see pretty blooted face in the mirror every morning for last month as well. c) I "made" myself eat breakfast before, now I am waking up hungry, but eat same egg-spinach omlet anyways.

No other changes, just now I am upset...:(


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Did you do your measuremnts a month ago? How are your measurements are you smaller or larger? Are your  jeans fitting the same?

Whoever told you to pin your hopes on a single weigh in should be shot.

The "eat as before" - were you counting calories and kept them steady, or did you just guess that you were eating the same as before?

In untrained individuals in the short to medium term - exercise without diet change is unlikely to produce significant results on weight loss  (studies cited).



Weight loss is mostly diet. Exercise will help with general health.

I'm not a nutritionist but everything I've come to understand about the science of weight loss is that 3500 calories = 1lb of fat. That said, along with my own personal experience, I have to say that diet and/or exercise that produces a 3500 calorie deficit will result in 1lb of weight loss. Diet or exercise, preferably both, will do it. (I like adding more exercise because then I don't have to forgo as much yummy stuff that I like to eat ;)

Not counting (or at least being aware of) your caloric intake and simply exercising (or simply dieting without tracking) is just kind of hoping you'll lose weight. That sucks that this happened but take it as a great lesson to use Calorie Count and be vigilant about tracking calories eaten and calories burned. If you are I feel confident you will lose the weight. 

However, eating well and not too much and exercising enough are not always as easy to do ;) But it sound like you have the will and power to do it if you worked out on that program for a month. 

So track, be strong, and you will succeed!

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Muscle weighs more than fat ! Try cardio after your workout 20 minutes .
Original Post by r2360:

Muscle weighs more than fat ! Try cardio after your workout 20 minutes .

Are you suggesting that the OP gained 5lbs of muscle (or more, if you believe that she lost fat concurrently with gaining muscle) in one month?

Original Post by beingzoe:

 I have to say that diet and/or exercise that produces a 3500 calorie deficit will result in 1lb of weight loss.

They are not equal.  Mathematically, it seems like they should be, but the body is more than addition.  For a variety of reasons, the body responds to a calorie deficit more than increased exercise when it comes to losing weight.  If you are overweight and go on a calorie deficit, you would probably lose about the same amount of weight if you added cardio or weight training or a combination of both.  The difference is, your health would improve with the cardio and the weight training, and the weight training would allow you to preserve your muscle as you lose fat.  Without the weight training, you would lose some combination of fat and muscle.  

Thank you for all the input. I am(usually) 137, 5'2" and 47 y.o. Means I am not really much overweight , just balancing on healthy/over weight line..  I was 145lb, but I did quit sweets (all desserts with exception of little jam or honey sometimes) and it made about 7-8lb difference in 2 years.

  After my post, I went for 4 days of skiing with friends. It was 4 days of everyday skiing 4 to 6 hrs, not eating much due to mountain sickness, no wine or coffee. Water, tea, healthy little food.

To answer about my "shape" - no, I didn't measure myself, but my friends who didn't see me for an year, noticed that I did loose most of love handles and got smoother hourglass shape..YES!

 I hoped it would make more difference, but I am almost back to my pre-Bar-Method weight...

What is now? I will take brake for Valentines Day dinner :P

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