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I have a RATHER funny yoga story for y'all...

I am a big fan of yoga DVDs. Twice each day, I pop on a DVD, do a twenty-minute routine and then I feel all stretchy and happy with my life.

Earlier today, I popped a DVD on and began the workout. I was happily stretching and posing when I heard the MSN window on my computer make that noise that says someone is trying to tell me something. Naturally, I ignored it and kept on with my routine. I only had ten minutes left and whoever wanted my attention could wait.

At the end of the workout, I crawled over the laptop that had been left on the floor, tapped the space bar to wake up the monitor and saw... well... myself peering into the computer. Apparently my daughter had been on MSN with her father on the other side of the country and they had left the webcam on. He was MSNing me to thank me for the show.

Yeah... that was one of those awkward moments... thank gawd I was dressed... I'm not always when I do yoga. I do have to wonder how many times I picked my nose though... or plucked the underwear out of my butt... and all the other things I do when no one is watching...


It did give me the idea that it could be fun to have a yoga buddy since APPARENTLY one can do yoga on webcam. I'm a total newbie... or at least, I'm still new enough that I don't look impressive on camera, but if anyone is interested in a daily workout of some sort, it could be fun to meet up on MSN and stretch.
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That story made me laugh out loud!  As much as I love doing yoga, the moves all look ridiculous, funny :)
ok, that was just too funny!  and that's EXACTLY why we will NOT be getting a webcam.....ever!

my cat does yoga with me.....honest - she recognized the music and the mat, and sits on the edge of the mat doing her version of whatever i'm doing.  it's so cute!

by the way, i friended you.  hope that's ok!  i like having yoga buddies.
Thanks bethaevans. :-)

I like our webcam... usually... but this special occasion... I mean, MY EX. of all the people to do yoga in front of...
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