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foot position on the elliptical

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When you are working out on the elliptical, are your feet supposed to stay flat on the pedal the whole time or does the heel come up almost as if you are walking? I've been watching people in the gym and some do it one way, some the other, I don't think it's intentional, perhaps the stride length may have something to do with it.

My heel comes up. If I try to keep it flat on the pedal the whole time, I feel like I'm leaning back. This is just something I've recently noticed. Is there a "correct form"?

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You're going to burn calories, regardless.  My trainer once told me that if you keep your feet as flat as possible, however, you work and tone your leg muscles better--the calves and quads in particular.  Hope that helps.
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Try jogging up a set of stairs normally (on your toes). Then try walking extremely slowly up the stairs on your heels. Big difference! You should be able to feel the different muscles working...

Experiment with both ways. If you are more comfortable with your heel coming up, you might be able to stay on the machine longer comfortably, and therefore burn more calories...

On the other hand: LINK

My feet stay flat on the elliptical but then mine doesn't have adjustable stride but you can place feet on different part of the peddles.  If the stride is uncomfortable one way do it the other. 

the different positions work different muscles.  i try to push into my heels, bec i'd like to strengthen my posterior chain.  but keeping your feet flat on the pedals, you might find that they fall asleep.  if this happens, try a different position, or try lifting them off the pedals.  it's pretty unnatural to keep pushing down on your feet and not move them, so they don't tolerate it for very long.  keep blood pumping by wiggling your toes, maybe?

good luck.

I agree with caloricountingme and the rest of the gang... if i don't vary up the positioning of my feet my left toes start to tingle (thats funny b/c today I was wondering if I was the only one)!  I've noticed that by doing so I work different muscles and at the end I feel more satisfied than just patting myself for burning however many calories!  I think it is awesome that you were asking about form!  Today I saw this lady all hunched over and I just wanted to say your abs are suffering!!!

Good Luck!! 


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