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Fluidity Bar & Workout

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I'm just wondering..... has anyone tried the Fluidity Bar and workout? I was considering purchasing it but wanted some unbiased feedback first. You can't trust the feedback on infomercials to be true, so I have to hear from real people. They say on the infomercial that you won't have to do cardio anymore because you burn more calories using the fluidity bar; however, I find that absolutely ridiculous. You HAVE to have a cardio workout for your heart. For me, cardio is all about my heart and lungs. Not burning calories. Since they said that, I'm not sure I can believe anything they said on the infomercial.

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I am a big fan of the whole Lotte Berk method and this is what this is based on. In fact, to tone up for my wedding I am taking classes at a new studio Physique 57 which was founded by people trained in the Lotte Berk method.

My sister has the Fluidity barre and loves it. It's a workout alright!

Beware it is large and heavy so I won't buy it now as I live in a studio in NYC and have no room. However, she bought it and looks lean and fabulous. 

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Great! Thank you so much for your insight. I've always preferred the long, lean look of a dancer as opposed to the "buff" look you get from lifting. The Fluidity Bar looked like it would work, I just wanted a real opinion first. I'll continue to do my cardio, and I'll add this for my strength training. I'm excited now! Thanks!!! Smile
 Yeah, but for that price? If you invest in a doorway chinup bar, and a yoga mat you're already halfway there: mount the chinup bar at waist height, place the mat on the floor by the doorway.

 Voila, instant dance barre without paying through the nose for another informercial gimmic.

 If you're concerned about the chinup bar leaving marks on the door, you can use the back of your couch instead; though that will be a bit less stable than a waist-high door-mounted bar.

 The only ting you might miss is the instruction videos, but there youtube or is your friend - pretty sure you can find workout videos there.

Though ...dancer's muscles?

 Argh - your muscles will grow the way your genes determine, so their look or length is already determined by where your tendons attach to the bone and the genes your parents gave you. Dancers with their long and sleek muscle are born that way, not made.

 There's just two variables that are in your control, that's muscle strength and size - you can make a muscle stronger and emphasize it by making it larger, but you cannot change the basic shape and length of it.

 Bodyweight-based workouts can be very good or very bad for your purposes depending almost entirely on your instructor, and you can have good results building a shapely physique with them - but you need a lot more time, drive, and endurance to see results equivalent to using a basic set of free weights.

 A combination of weights and cardio is also the most efficient way to go about losing fat - see The Hierarchy of Fat Loss by Alwyn Cosgrove for details; but basically using free weights in a calorie deficit will not build (much) muscle, but will give you significant fat loss results that cardio can't even get close to.

 So it depends on your goals, but for fat loss working as high up the Hierarchy as you can will get you there faster.
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I have an apartment, so I won't be able to do the door thing. Thanks for your insight though. I definitely see your point. Smile
Well, I was thinking of something like this: t-Up-Bar/dp/B00091RXLY - you don't need bolts or screws to mount it. I've got something similar, and the friction mount holds my full weight with no problem, so you should have zero problems using it as a barre. At least if you can find a doorway with a bit of room on each side so you've got space to move around in while dancing.

 Combine with the exercise mat and you've got essentially the same setup as the fluidity bar except it cost your $29, stores in less room, and you can do more with it :)

I bought a Fluidity Bar last year, and absolutely loved it! I, too, live in a tiny studio in Manhattan, and find that (after lugging it up 4 flights of stairs) it's very easy to set up/break down and stores very easily under my bed or in my closet!

As for the workout itself, I never went beyond the 1st dvd, simply b/c I discovered running shortly thereafter, and have become addicted to it!

In the month that I used the Fluidity bar (3 times a week), I did see some nice changes in my physique, but keep in mind what melkor said: your physique is genetic! I know a lot of dancers who do NOT look like dancers, although they have been dancing daily for most of their lives.

 So anyway...the point of this post:

I did see results from the Fluidity Bar, and really enjoyed it! 

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