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Is there another name for this exercise? I'm not finding anything in the "activities".

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I've never heard another name for it. Is there anything for general heavy lifting, like objects not weights? I guess that's what I would go with.

Have you ever seen a kid who looks about 8 year old flip the tire better than you?

I have.

It was a sad day for Hayley....

lol... yeah I am currently flipping the smallest tire - once each time around the track. It works so much more than just lifting though... legs, back, arms, abs. I was just curious where I'd be if I could flip it all the way across the width once each lap instead of just one flip.

At least I can gauge by how many times I can flip it, and what size I can flip.

Around a track!? Jeeze that sounds like a lot! like a qurter mille track or just a baby one? I just flipped it across the room and back, which wasnt very far, maybe like 6 times each way? Haha. We only have one tire, it's pretty big I think, though I don't have any other flippin tires to compare it too.

its a 1/4m track around football field; I am only flipping it once, after I've walked a lap, x10. But there's the little semicircle behind the uprights - so its the width of the field - I'm working up to flipping it that whole width. Probably 10-15 flips? maybe? Pure guess.

I would think that an almost all-body exercise like that would burn some mad calories. Off to research... :)

I could not find an answer.

It's a strongman conditioning exercise, and like most of the resurrected old-time strongman exercises it hasn't been assessed for metabolic impact and incorporated into calorie tables. It's got some of the same impact as performing a clean though, and helps develop explosive power generation - if you've got the hip flexibility, lumbar stability and ankle flexibility to be able to do it without risking injury. Which isn't the case for a lot of people; some of these irregular-object exercises look cool but are deceptively dangerous.

I'm not trying it because it "looks cool" - it looked/felt like such a "complete body exercise" that I was interested in incorporating it.

I no longer have time to get to the gym in the morning, I have 2 hours (3 weeknights per week) in the evenings to work out and this is what is available to me. I'm at the football field and track. The track is flat.

Assuming you've got the joint flexibility to do it right it's actually a Very Good exercise; it's on the same continuum as the clean, snatch and clean&jerk Olympic-style weight lifting.

 Develops explosive power; and if you can do it for high reps with good form it also develops endurance. Aside from the trickiness in assessing calorie burn and the potential form/flexibility issues I think it's a good exercise. If you've got someone who can watch your form when you're doing it to make sure you're not doing nasty things to your spine for lack of sufficient hip/hamstring/ankle flexibility or lumbar spine/knee stability the only real issue you're likely to have is counting reps correctly and trying to find a heavier tire when this one becomes too light for you.

Dang, I don't have anyone to check my form. There are about 5 tire sizes, so that would be ok... But now I'm not sure since I'm so accident prone.

I did it anyway. The tires are not huge. I flipped once for each lap, for the first 5 laps.

I just really really wanted to do an exercise where I HEAVED, you know?!

I mean, walking is so boring, I walked nearly 3 miles but its all flat. I can't run; I can't afford good shoes and can't get to the treadmill and asphalt gives me shin splints.

Lunges and push ups aren't enough anymore. I just wanna GET OUT SOME AGGRESSION.

I'd walk those laps and every time I'd pass those damn tires I wanted to flip the **** out of it.

So I big fat did it and I'll do it again! I'm just going to have to be careful, and not just flip willy-nilly.

And if i get hurt so be it, not like running didn't hurt me, not like I didn't hurt my shoulder doing stupid push ups.

What's life without risk?

Well, if you watch this technique video a few times and pay attention to your own form, specifically keeping a tight back and a natural arch in the lumbar spine you should totally be okay. The only point to watch out for is to pay special attention to what your lumbar spine/pelvis is doing - if you lack hamstring flexibility you'll notice that your lower back starts to round and you'll tuck your pelvis in under you to be able to get down low enough to do the lift.

 This is bad - places too much strain on your lumbar spine and exposes you to all sorts of horrible injuries. But if you can get down low enough without rounding the back then there's no problem.

so.. stick my ass out? hehehe

*runs off to watch video*


Dude, CDC - you lifting tires that big??

The Third World Squat is great for working up the flexibility to be able to get down to grab the tire without rounding the lower back.

I have had lower back problems for years (and I only just turned 22, how SAD) and this really helps a lot with that also. :] 

haley, you're not alone - my back problems started when I was 8 years old. When I was 24, I started throwing out my hip. Imagine being in your mid 20s and telling people that you can't go bowling because you have a bad hip.

Original Post by amethystgirl:

Dude, CDC - you lifting tires that big??

 NO freaking way!!!

my tire is way smaller than that. There ARE tires there that big though. I'll stick to the little one for now!!!

Original Post by hayleymajayley:

The Third World Squat is great for working up the flexibility to be able to get down to grab the tire without rounding the lower back.

I have had lower back problems for years (and I only just turned 22, how SAD) and this really helps a lot with that also. :] 

 cool! I tried it but I'm wearing heels, heh. Will have to get home and try later! (added both links to my favorites!)

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