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do you think that a flat stomach is possible after 54?

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Or am I too old to do weights?

Is it dependent on the amount of testosterone present?

As you get older the amount of testosterone diminishes.

Would i be just wasting my time?

Kind regards Ken...

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Heck no - you are not too old!!!  Women don't have testosterone, but can still lift without wasting time!  I say go for it!

 You can get pretty ripped at any age - check out Clarence Bass at age 70 and Morjorie Newlin at age 86.

 Now, it does take more discipline and focus as you get older, but it's entirely doable.

Well if you are, I am in deep do do.. I am 53 and I think I will have somewhat of a six pack within a few months. I started out with a couple of cases, but I am gettin closer. Go for it, I feel better than I have felt in years.

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No way!  Arnold is 61 and Hulk Hogen is 55 and they're both totally jacked.  If they can do it, you can too!

I'm 49. I started lifting (as well as other forms of exercise and calorie counting) early this year. Within 6 months, I'd lost 40 pounds and noticed that not only was the pot belly gone, but so were the love handles I'd had since my twenties.

Five years shouldn't make that much difference. (In fact, Melkor's examples show that even 30 or 40 wouldn't.) So do start lifting. You will not regret it.

And if you're concerned that your testosterone levels might be low, have your doctor give you a blood test. I did, found out my levels were low, got treatment, and it changed my life. In fact I believe that's what gave me the boost in energy and will power I needed to lose that 40 pounds. Low testosterone is not something we middle-aged guys have to accept.

Well thanks everyone for all the replies.

It has given me some hope. I was quite fit at one time but I let things slide.

Must admit that i have tried to get the fitness back a couple of times, but I suppose that i have used the age thing as an excuse. may be i am expecting things to happen faster than it is physically possible. I just know that you seam to loose fitness quicker than you can gain it back.

Kind regards Ken...

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