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Flat butt and fat back legs = horror pics

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Thought that I would take some before pics of the bod for comparison purposes.

Was not a good thing as I have actually never seen my backside accept for a quick look over my shoulder. I don't even think it's possible to do anything with my backside that will ever make it look good in a bathing suit save butt implants. I don't even know if indeed the backs of my legs are large or they just appear so because I honestly do not possess a butt.

There is no division between butt and leg; it resembles a total blending or mushing of the two. Is there any help for me cause it is not a good situation and will require some sort of future plastic surgery if it can't be made better through exercise. When I diet and exercise I am totally committed and driven so if you have any suggestions at all please fire away.

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plenty of cardio, squats and deadlifts, should do the trick

second vote for squats and deadlifts.

more from an older thread 

All about squats and deadlifts here.  Try jumpsquats they are fun and make you wonder what you look like when you are doing them.  Use weights when doing squats to get that extra punch.
Well I will honestly try anything! I gotta tell you though that when I look at the pics the possibility of adding anything to the butt  looks hugely improbable and I definately don't want to add anything to the thighs.  I would post a pic if it didnt sick me out so much. 

Not sure if I am completely in the same boat but I identify when you talk about not having that little scoop between the butt and the upper thigh.  I also lost my breasts when I lost this weight but I feel more optimistic about my butt. 

I do squats and lunges but probably not with as much intensity as some because my knees are borderline and I have a bad back so I really need to make sure my core is completely stabilized when I do lower body.  Squats and lunges make me feel like I am going to lose balance which could be devastating for my back if I correct the wrong way. 

All this to say I found something that is putting a little bit of pooch "back there".  I set my treadmill to incline 10.0 (the highest on my treadmill) and walk at 3.0 (so pretty slowly) while carrying 5 pounds weights in each hand.  I am starting with 15 minutes and working up to longer to see how my knees will handle it.  So far so good.  

I don't know how this would effect your thigh situation but I have found mine getting slimmer through walking/running.  My calves are gorgeous for the first time in my life. 

So that's another option to try maybe... good luck! 


It's cruel how the breasts are the first to go isn't it.

I've been squatting and lungeing it up and yesterday am did the hip hop abs workout for hips,butt and thighs - had a sore arse this morning so it must have worked it. 

I spend alot of time on incline on the treadmill too but I'm going to try some weights next time; thanks for the pointer. and by the way tracyaudette you look great.


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