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Flabby Hips - one hip bigger than the other!!

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Hello everyone/anyone,

I have gained a great deal of weight within the last year. The biggest change I have noticed, (besides the fact that nothing fits me anymore), is that one hip is considerably fatter than the other! Can anyone please explain this phenomenon? Also can you successfully loose weight from your hips and what would be the most effective way to do so.

Many thanks for all or any suggestions.


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l-o-l-a looola haha

i sorta noticed the same thing when i gained weight. its not super obvious so i dont worry about it as much but i think maybe thats just the way your body is and when you have more weight on you its more pronounced?? i think if you built some muscles n burned some fat that would fix the problem. just my theory

It may be scoliosis, a curvature of the spine. 

Look at your shoulders and see if one is lower than the other. Also, look at your torso in the mirror and see if your ribs stick out more on the same side as the hip you see larger.

If you see what I mentioned above, it may be scoliosis.

Keep in mind also that our bodies are not "made" symmetrical, and we generally emphasize that. If you are right-handed, your right arm bones and muscles will be a bit larger (or a lot, depending on your exercise). I guess if you add an inch of fat all over that asymmetry might be more obvious. Now, of course, I've got to go check out my butt in the mirror and see if I'm lopsided! lol

You probably favor one leg, and depending on which one it is, it could be skinnier or larger than the other (depending on if favoring it means you'd gain or lose more weight). I'm right-handed but I worked carrying trays on my left arm so it's considerably stronger than my right, and the muscles are way more visibe when I flex than in the right (in the same position I would be carrying trays). Maybe you unconsciously put all of your weight or do all effort using the one hip? Either way, you should probably see a doctor because significant weight gain in a short time isn't always just due to personal habits, and especially if something seems strange about it to you.

Good luck!

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Many thanks for everyone's reply - alot of food for thought!

I totally noticed my one hip was quite a bit flabbier than the other......then I had a lightbulb go off in my head and realized I always cross my legs the same way when I sit down. The flabbier side is always on the bottom. I probably favor my one leg in other ways  on a regular basis but now that I've lost a chunk of weight they are starting to look more alike. What's been working for me in terms of excercise is walking....lots and lots of walking quickly including frequent inclines.

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did you ever figure out why one hip was bigger than the other?

Thank you

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