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Are The Firm workouts any good?

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I know there are already threads on this topic, but I was wondering if there are any current CCers that use The Firm DVDs.

Is it a good workout?
Have you seen any results?

Starting Monday I'm planning on picking up the intensity of my workout routines, and I was wondering if this would be a good way to start.

I'm even thinking about moving up to 8 pound weights! yay...

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I love The Firm workout DVDs.  My favorite is the Total Body Time Crunch.  They are pretty tough- I am in good shape but I always have to work up to the full workout.  Once you get the moves down, though, they are a lot of fun and they REALLY work.  My husband complemented me on my figure without even knowing I had started a new DVD routine.

I like them, however, each DVD varies.  Some of them are harder and some of them are just better in general.  I check out the amazon reviews before buying.  The comments seem to be fairly accurate on there.

This morning I did the new "500 Calorie Workout" for the first time.  It kicked my butt.  I didn't follow along with all the moves since it was my first time, and I had to do the beginner modifications on some of the moves.  I was convinced that since I didn't go "all out" I wouldn't burn 500 cals.  Welp, at the end of myworkout, my HRM said 518.  I'm curious to see what it will be with a full effort.

I was seeing some results until I started a hard core overeat fest in October.  However, I can see my guns under the fat, they're there.

I am a firm believer in the Firm! I have four of their DVDs:

- Maximum Calorie Burn Bootcamp
- Total Body Toner
- Tight Buns & Killer Legs
- Cardio Dance Fusion

and I love every minute of each tape! I've just got back into the swing of using them at least every other day and have already lost four pounds in two weeks! They are a ton of fun and I definitely feel results! I didn't use weights the first couple times I used each DVD but now I use 2, 3 and 5 pound weights along with the video instructors, it doesn't feel much different while doing the video but once I'm done I realize how much of a difference the weights really make!

Might I also suggest Shape's Bikini Body workout DVDs. Those are amazing as well because they also kick my butt! I use those intermixed with the Firm workouts for a "sore the next day" kind of workout!

Good Luck! Hope you find one you like!

Years ago after the birth of my second son I used the older FIRM workouts and got into great shape with them. Within 3 weeks people were asking me what I was doing!

I love the firm. The system is great. I did weight watchers along with the firm. When I started I weighed 230 pounds I started using The Firm Body Scupting System.  I was really motivated at the time and have continued to use firm products. Which DVD's or system do you have. You will enjoy the work-outs the instructors are really great and the moves aren't to complicated and if you've ever participated in any fitness or body sculpting classes it will be a breeze.

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Thanks so much for all the replies guys!

I haven't purchased any DVDs yet, but after reading all these good reviews I will definitely have to!

Thanks again!

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