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Is it normal to feel nauseous after a weight lifting workout?

I have just finished my 8th workout from NROLFW, and after every workout I feel sick.  I finish, feel ill, wobble down the stairs and have a protein shake.  It takes about an half an hour to feel normal again.

I'm just wondering if this is all right?  I have gotten stronger already and I love it. 

Oh I do eat about an hour or so before lifting.  High protein high carb I don't know if that matters.

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I have experienced what you are describing.  It happens to me when I am beginning a new workout routine after having not lifted for awhile, but only with weights.  I don't know how much you know about what happens to our bodies during and after lifting but I will explain it in case you don't.  It might help to clarify what's going on. 

When lifting you are tearing muscle fibers.  Muscle definition is actually muscle tissue scarring.  So those big muscly body builders are carrying around a bunch of scars.  Your body goes through a healing process of at least 48 hours after you lift.  The tissues will tear when the wt lifted exceeds its capacity given elasticity, blood-flow into the tissues and the glycogen fed to those tissues via blood flow, hence soreness the next day.  The trick is to feed your bloodstream glycogen before working out.  Its good that you have a meal and hour or two before you lift, but by then, your blood is low on glycogen, a form of sugar.  So a high-carb snack 10-15 mins before lifting is good.  I go for some fruit.  It is light, watery and digests quickly.  Note that fruit will not digest quickly if eaten while you have a meal on your belly.  It must be eaten with nothing else.  So if you are hypoglycemic, this might pose a problem.  I'd consult a nutritionist in that case for what to do.  Ok.  If you start to feel nauseous while lifting, STOP.  You are not supposed to feel that way.  Its your body telling you it needs to stop.  Perhaps, next session, lower the amount of wt you are lifting or decrease your reps.  I am about 20 yrs experienced in wt lifting, so maybe if you describe your workout; each exercise w/amt of wt, reps & # of sets, I could advise you better on how to modify it.  In any case, you should never lift for longer than 45 mins to an hour unless under professional supervision.  You will have used up all glycogen reserves at that point and could injure yourself. 

Ok.  So after your workout, your muscles are basically starving.  So you need to feed them.  Protein is what they need.  So go for something, a snack, with easily-digestable proteins.  I usually have a shake of unsweetened soy milk (Silk in the green carton), a low or no-carb soy-based, high protein shake mix and a little carb to refuel me, like a frozen banana.  Toss in the blender.  I wouldn't add too much carb to it.  Just a little.  Then you should skip a day before lifting again.  There are two schools of thought on how to do this.  One is that you can lift the next day working different muscle sets.  The other is your entire body needs a rest in order to heal.  I have done it both ways and my experience has been that its safer, more efficient and healthier to allow a full day to pass between lifting sessions despite what muscle groups I'm working.  It gives me the time to do some cardio anyway, which is important. Also, if you are still trying to lose wt, building muscle is a great way to do so.  It raises your metabolism because larger muscles need more fuel.  So you burn more calories at rest.  That's the key, burning more calories at rest.  Also, with more muscle mass, you burn more cals during exercise too.  Some ppl argue that you should lift on an empty stomach 1st thing in the morning.  I disagree.  Cardio and longer, sustaining forms of exercise are good for burning cals.  Wt lifting should never place you in a caloric deficit.  You can injure yourself that way.  Muscles sieze up and you get cramps.  Not good.  Oh, also, that protein snack after your workout will help to curb to the appetite increase associated with building muscles mass. 

If you want more detailed info on my personal workout program with weights, check out my journal.  I have an entry, you may have to go back a ways, that details a good workout plan. 

If you find that this info doesn't really address the problem, either post here or PM me the details of your workout.  Maybe I can further assist you then.  I hope I can help.  BTW, I checked out your profile and pic, and I must say you have done very well in your wt loss.  You look great.  I commend you!  You should be very proud of yourself.  I prolly don't have to tell you that what you have already accomplished is magnificent and commendable.  Its very hard to do what you have done.  Kudos!

Oh, and another thing, I always keep a large bottle of cold filtered water on hand and sip in-between sets. 

Also, are you allowing for time to span between sets or are you doing a speed-set thing?  How long do you rest between sets? 

First of all thank you very much for your help.

Right now I'm doing a full body work out.  I warm up then lift 2 sets of 12 of each exercise with a 60 second rest in between each set.  I alternate between 2 different work outs every other day with weekends off.  The work outs are by  Alwyn Cosgrove in "The new rules of lifting for women" by Lou Schuler

Because I'm new to lifting I'm cycling through phase one twice and have another 10 workouts before I start phase 2.   Then it will be 2 sets of 10 with 75 seconds of rest in between.  The whole program is about 6 months then I'll move on to another.

I do have a bottle of water that I sip on.  I'm still working on getting in the cardio.  I walk and I do some DVD's on my off days mostly on the ball and Pilate type stuff.  I have upped my calories so I'm only getting a 300 calorie deficit on my off days and I eat maintenance or a little above on my work out days.  Of course this has stalled out the weight loss but I only want to drop another 5 to 10 pounds and I don't care if it slow.

Thank you again for the advice and the learning.  I'll try the fruit before the work out on Monday and see if that helps.  I'm very new to this part of being healthy and do not want to hurt myself.  Although I must say I like the burn the next day when I have changed things up!

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heh after an ab workout, I always think I'm going to throw up.  If I'm working anything else though, I don't fee sick really, but I do feel wobbly and unable to control my body properly.  I kinda like the feeling though - let's me know I worked hard. :)

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