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How do you feel the day after a hard workout?

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Last night, i had a pretty hard hour and 45 minute work out...i was shaking and worn out when i left the gym. Well, today ive been feeling pretty crappy. Just kinda dragging alot and feeling tired. I take a vitamin every morning and I got about 7.5 hours of sleep last night. My knees are kind of sore today, which i figure is from using the elliptical for longer than usual because i didnt do any lifting on my legs last night, just upper body. Im just not sure if im feeling crappy because I worked so hard last night, or if its just "one of those days" or what. So do you ever feel crappy the next day after a hard workout the night before??

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I've had that feeling before. Maybe you're dehydrated. I try to get lots of sleep and water after a hard workout.

Depending on your workout history, this kind of thing isn't uncommon. I say "depending", because it's actually pretty common in people who are "deconditioned" - who haven't worked out hard regularly ever, or in some time.

It could be that you're coming down with something, too. Either way, probably not something to be too concerned about, unless you're working out to the point of shaking and feeling ill the next day all the time. Then you're probably overtraining and need to give yourself more recovery time between workouts.

I realize your question was about the experience of others. I don't usually feel "crappy" as in draggy and tired the day after a hard workout. But if I've done something new or tough on big muscle groups (legs, back, hard abs) and I've got muscle soreness, it's made me feel a bit lazy!

Well, thats the first time ive worked out to the extent that I did last night..and yes, i do believe i was dehydrated because I hadnt drank enough water yesterday. I downed a big bottle of water while i was working out, but that didnt do me alot of good considering i hadnt had enough through out the entire day and i was sweating ALOT. I drank a ton of water when i got home and i went to bed about an hour after i got home. I am still pretty "deconditioned" as i just started to the gym a couple months ago...thanks for the input yall!! ill see how i feel next time i go =]

I felt this way when i started working out -- it's a build up of lactic acid and not drinking enough water. Your body will start to feel better, but I had to work through it for the first two weeks -- you can see why people hate to work out when they first start!

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Way to go for pushing yourself so hard! It sounds like you may have gotten into electrolyte deficit.  When you sweat & drink a lot of water over a long workout your body processes all that water and you can 'wash out' your electrolytes.  You could try eating a banana 1/2 way through or just before a big workout or try some of the sugar-free electrolyte gels/drinks/powders that you can get at running stores.  I use hammer gels on long workouts and its made a huge difference for me - I used to get headaches during/after runs, but since I've been using the gels & bananas I'm not having a problem and I don't feel worn out the next day.

Are you getting some protein after your workout?  I don't always, but I've noticed if I don't eat fairly soon after, I get really cold and shakey feeling.  The next day I can be pretty lethargic feeling. 

Keep plugging away, 'cause now (it's been about 3.5 mo's) I actually feel more energized the day after and I tend to get majorly depressed if I don't work out (which kinda worries me sometimes).

If it keeps up, talk to your doc.  That's what they're there for Smile!

I understand what your saying.  I am in my second month of getting back in shape (exercise and eat right).  I normally do around 2 hours 4 times a week starting at around 3 to 4pm. (hour elipitcal, 1/2 weights, 10 minutes stretching).

I dont get sore (stopped after the first week but I increased my protien after working out) but I am more tired during the folloing day than I was prior to working out.  I always thought exercising would give you more energy but right now I dont see it.  I do notice changes in my arms, chest, legs, and stomach so I am willing to deal with less energy.

Does anyone know if this goes away or if this is what we have to expect for people like us?

I usually do about 2 hours a day doing different activities. I am not usually sore in the morning but this morning I biceps are ( I moved from lifting 8 lbs to lifting 10 lbs yesterday!). I generally have less energy in the morning but as soon as I exercise again I get all the energy back.

For those who are feeling lethargic the day after a hard workout, if you follow a lot of the suggestions in this thread, that should improve. Yes, make sure you're hydrated, that you're consuming enough calories (you're at least eating your BMR), that you're getting enough protein before and after workouts.

After those things, think about your training schedule and patterns. Too much too soon can lead to lethargy and soreness that is counter productive. So make sure you're not doing "hard" workouts every single day. Cycle harder days with lighter cardio only days, and give yourself a day off at least once a week.

Finally, allow for your individual response - it's different from other people's, and listen to your body. But don't let it trick you - especially starting out on a workout program, trying to form new habits, you can psyche yourself out. Don't fall into the trap of thinking that you're too tired to do anything today, or you're too sore to do anything. Fitness is hard work. It makes you tired. It pays off.

IMO, the best plan is to plan. Set a schedule that is reasonable, that progresses in your workouts slowly and steadily. Make sure your nutrition is healthy and calories are under control. Don't psyche yourself into skipping out on workouts, as long as your schedule is reasonable. And I believe you'll feel the benefits and improved energy in time.

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