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I feel cheated...

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I woke up to another lake effect blizzard today. I know, I know, it's only February. I always get my hopes up way too soon about Spring!


Anyways, the roads here are barely maintained, especially this early in the morning, so driving to the mall for my daily walk got thrown out the window. It would take me twice as long to get there and back, and I have a very strict schedule in order to still get home in time to get my daughter ready so it just wasn't worth the gas. I did however get to do my workout this morning at least, so I feel good about that. I just hope the Miss A Day and Give Up fairies mind their own business on the walking thing.


Is anyone else in the north/northeast sick to death of snow and considering moving south? I hate that for at LEAST four months out of the year I get screwed with short days and cold, sloppy weather. Mall walking works fine I guess, but what I wouldn't give to be able to jog outside in my neighborhood every day of the year!

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I'm in the midwest.....but I am SOOOOO sick of snow and winter. We've had more snow and more cold lows this year than we have in some years combined. I NEED SUNSHINE! lol and warmth!

I can definitely relate! I spent the first 30 years of my life in the valley in Oregon, where the temperature is mild at least 325 days a year. I moved out to Chicago 2 years ago and I found it was very difficult to exercise outside with any regularity.  I never imagined it would affect my life so much!

After my first winter, I financed a gym-quality elliptical trainer and it has helped tremendously.  I can still get outside once or twice a week if I am lucky, but the rest of the week I just plug away on my machine and listen to NPR!

I totally feel y'all on this one..Im from nothwestern Ontario, Canada lol.  I can usually start running April or May lol, but even then it feels like handfuls of ice cubes being crammed down your throat when you try to breath lol.  And with the gray skies come the moody blues and I dont feel like its..... Yesterday I figured something out tho, throwing some kicks and punches at the t.v while watching All my Children...I really laid the boots to Erica Kane LMAO.

Reporting to you directly from Syracuse, NY I can relate 100%.  I too awoke to lake effect snow squalls, a treterous drive into the office and cold sharp winds blasting me on my way into the building.  I'm sick to death of this weather.  I think February and March are the hardest months to be in the Northeast.  Spring never comes as early as it does in southern PA or MD.  Every winter I threaten to leave this dreadful state, but by June all is forgiven.  Then February comes again....

Hang in there, we're almost there!!  Cool

Thanks for the replies, everyone. It's good to hear that I'm not alone!


And toch27, I don't know if it shows in my profile anywhere but I'm in Phoenix, NY and worked at a Rite Aid in Syracuse for three years. I used to take the bus to Crouse Hospital and walk to work from there. It was an hour each way and I really miss the exercise.


"Every winter I threaten to leave this dreadful state, but by June all is forgiven.  Then February comes again"


You sound just like me! Maybe we can just put a giant climate controlled dome over central New York instead?

I miss jogging so much!  I'm in Denver, where it's actually been much much nicer than your neck of the woods, but I have been mall walking, too.  The other day I spent 3 hours walking in a circle around the mall with my boyfriend, talking and such.  Afterwards, our feet were raw.  :C  I miss jogging.

I have been doing workout videos, too.  They're kind of fun, but, still, not the same.

jmharju-- I totally did the same thing!  But I was kicking the daylights out of the cast of CSI: NY.  They know what they did.

I was born and raised in the south and have been in WI for 22.5 years now. Last year, I finally embraced the weather, and now my attitude is 100% different--well, at least 80% different. I am already thinking about the great skiing I can get in now that we have snow back on the ground!

What I still don't like is the routine stuff one has to do and how much more work it is when you have to scrape your car everyday (sometimes multiple times/day), load on the clothes, do the same for kids, get things dry again, etc. I hate feeling cold or even cool, so I have lots of ways to stay warm (my workplace is wickedly cold by my standards, often hovering around 60-64 degrees).

If you can find a decent set of trails to ski (downhill or x-country) or snowshoe, you will find a whole different beauty to winter. Maybe you'll only be able to do it on a day off, but it makes you look forward to the snow and cold!

Good luck. I'm watching the snow fly STILL today and I'm sure it's bad or worse on the other side of Lake MI; it always is!

Giant climate controled dome over CNY sounds perfect!!!  What a great idea!  I really miss running outside, I just started running in October so I only got to enjoy being outside briefly.  I can't wait to get back out there again.

We're practically neighbors, I live in Liverpool.  I met another poster here who is from Camillus.  It's such a tiny world!

The south isn't all the warm lovely sunshine happiness you may imagine it to be.  Your blood thins quickly!!  It sounds spoiled, but I hate going outside until it gets above 65/70 :(

I'd take 50's over 10's and several inches of snow (we've had well over 100" so far) anyday!!  :o) 

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