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Fat pockets on hips & thighs

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I have thick muscular thighs, which I have learned to accept, I think thats just the way my legs will alway be.  However, I have done a lot of research on others with the same problem and have talked to trainers, and was told to stay away from squats, lounges, or any leg machines.  Stick to cardio, and regular diet.  And it worked, my legs have slimmed down and STOPPED getting bulker....and yes, i don't care what anyone says, SOME women DO have issues with getting bulky muscles.  It does happen. 

Anyways, here is my problem.  The front and back of my thighs look great, but right below my hip/outer thigh is this fat pocket that won't go away.  I know you can't spot reduce or lose fat in just one area, and I don't want do anything that will start bulking up my thighs again...but how do I get rid of that??  I am really hoping this isn't one of those things that only can be cured with lipo...It may be the last thing to lose and the weight just hasn't gotten to that spot yet, I don't know.  Any suggestions? 
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i have thick muscular thighs which bulk up quickly as well!!!! although I think lunges helped me... but it is cardio that helps more....

i used to do leg lift things with just my own body weight... which really worked... also keep up the cardio... eventually it will break it might try yoga too.. that's helped my legs tons!
oops double post.
Thanks for your response.

I was thinking of the leg lifts, used to do them years ago, but I thought was a "spot reduction" technique that doesn't work anymore.  I heard it helps firm them, but not get rid of the fat.  But..I may try them, I don't think they would hurt.

When I do the lounges, I feel them in my glute and front thigh muscle (which is the parts that bulk up).  I don't feel anything in the side thigh area. 

I have never tried yoga and don't know where to start, but I have heard that it does help lengthen muscles...but then I heard/read that there is no such thing and "lengthen" muscles. 
try doing narrow stance squats with just your body weight. Keep your feet about an inch apart and squat do about two sets of 15-20 after your cardio. Then once you get used to them start adding in a jump at the end of the squat it will help to tone the legs and firm them up. You need to work the muscles around that fatty area, the muscles will be more thermionic and help to reduce the fat in that area along with the rest of the leg

Those squats REALLY targeted my quad, glute, and calves.  Are you saying if I work those areas it will shrink that fat pocket on my outer thighs?  Are you sure they would make my quads more bulky then they already are?
as long as you keep the cardio going, your legs should lean down and the fat pockets will go away.
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