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The other day I walked to the (nearby) library in the face of an oncoming storm so I went as fast as I could there and back, and when I logged it into map my walk it said I was going at four and a half miles an hour! I thought I must have made a mistake in my time (when you're only walking half a mile in total a minute makes a difference!) So I went for a walk tonight for my exercise and I pushed myself as hard as I could... and sure enough, I got to the library door in five minutes flat. And then I continued as fast as I could for the next mile and a half. I was puffing like a bellows and red as a beetroot, and some stupid girls in a passing car laughed at me (but screw them - they don't know how far I'd already power-walked!) and when I got home I logged my walk and sure enough - four and a half miles an hour for 25 minutes (I couldn't do a single minute more at that pace!) Then I took a 'gentle stroll' for 15 minutes to cool down and when I logged that I was going at three and a half miles an hour for THAT! So I'm very pleased with myself... I've come a long long way from the out-of-shape woman who couldn't even walk half a mile without puffing...

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My normal walk is 4 mph, I on average 90 minutes a day.  I can crank the speed up to 5 mph if it starts raining on me and I still have a few miles to go until I'm back home. 

I'm glad to know that there are other fast walkers out there, because slow people annoy me tremendously! Well, only when they don't get out of the way fast enough.

well done you ...big pat on the back..and dont let the imaturity of some put you off keep at it

Due to my looong legs that come with my 5'11 frame, my average speed is 5mph :-)

NO ONE can keep up with me, i must say i look funny walking next to someone on the treadmill where 5mph is their run!Tongue out

^^^ That would have been me about 3 weeks ago. Now I'm almost at 6 MPH runs!

I walk at about 4 or 4.5 MPH, and that's at a leisure pace. I can run about 6 MPH.

At 6' on a treadmill I'll quite happily toddle along at 5mph on a 3% gradient.

When it comes to running on one. I use a builtin 5k training programme that varies the angle from 0 to 2.9%, and I'll run that in about 28mins (about 6.7mph).

4 months ago I'd have laughed at you if you'd suggested that I'd be running 5k on the treadmill. I'd in the past kept myself fit with weights and cycling, but running *ick*.  Now I thoroughly enjoy it. Laughing

depends on how lazy I feel.
Super-duper stroll pace: 3.0-3.5

Regular pace: 3.8-4.3

Speed walking: 4.5-4.8

Great job!

According to the treadmill, 4.5 mph is my fast walk, 5 is the border between uncomfortably fast walk and ploddingly slow run.  6'2, 34 inseam. 

My 1/2 marathon walk was 3 hrs 5 min, so 4.25 mph.

I usuaully walk at 4.5 mph. If I run it is at 6 mph. I once ran for almost 4 min at 8 mph...but I was p*ssed off so it gave me determination. Hahaha.

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I'm short, 5'2", and short-legged (even petite pants are too long).  My fast walk is about 3.8 mph -- 4mph is the line between too slow to run, too fast to walk.  My comfortable "run forever" jog is about 4.5 mph. 

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