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how fast do you run?(short people)

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im 4 11.....and i run no faster than 6.5 miles an hour on the treadmill(i havent been running that long)...anything faster and my legs cant seem to keep up....

how fast do you run?how long have you been running?

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I feel your pain. I'm the same height and when I jog outside, I really feel like a turtle compared to other runners Frown. My speed depends on the workout (steady state or intervals). When outside, I think I go at 5.3-6.3mph for about an hour. On the treadmill, my max is 8.5mph for 1min when I do this workout (listed below), but I have to use the handle bar:

20 minutes of 1 minute sprints & recoveries, all done at 2.5% incline, with 1 minute recovery jogs at 6.1mph in between and 5 minute 5.5mph warm-up & cool-down

  • 2 sprints at 7.5mph
  • 2 sprints at 7.8mph
  • 2 sprints at 8.0mph
  • 2 sprints at 8.2mph
  • 2 sprints at 8.5mph

I've started running about 6 months ago, I think.

thats an amazing interval....

i do feel like a turtle too....i need to take two strides or more for the one stride the taller people take.....

i do love to run though....and my endurance has improved greatly since i began

I'm 4'11" as well, and 5.0 is my comfortable run, 4.5 is a jog, 6.0 is a full-out run and 6.5 is definitely a sprint. I don't know if I've ever tried going faster because I've never felt the need to, but I don't think my legs would keep up either. :/

6.5 miles per hour isn't bad at all! That's the equivalent of running a 9:15 mile, which is perfectly respectable, especially for a short beginner.

im 5'4 (i know not THAT short) and when i run more than 10miles i run at an 8:30-9min mile pace, but if its a shorter  distance i can run it faster, like i can run a mile in 5:50-6:10.,

@theholla:thanks...quite encouraging

fearless96:you are pretty fast!

I'm 5'7", I've been running for two years, and I still only run about 6.2 mph on the treadmill for a 5k. I can run at 9 mph for about a minute, but I can't hold that pace. I read somewhere that shorter runners tend to have more endurance because it takes less energy to keep going.

A lot of it has to do with muscle type too, I think. For instance, some people have more fast-twitch muscles (for strength training) and others have more slow-twitch (endurance runners). I tend to get really strong fairly quickly from weight training, while other girls seem to run 8-milers effortlessly (sigh).

Sorry for the long explanation, but to the OP, perhaps instead of trying to run faster, you could try to run further? If you're doing this well so early in the game you might be a natural at distance running.

If you do want to get faster, try intervals like vanilla swirl posted. Awesome intervals, by the way!

6.8mph is my "comfy" pace that i can keep for a long time, and 10mph is my sprint pace.. anything less then ~6.2 is a jog

I'm 5'2 btw

I'm not a short person, but there is a girl I take a fitness class with who is petite maybe 5 ft or so and she just placed 3rd in her age division at the San Diego marathon and qualified for Boston- it was also her first marathon ever.  That woman can outrun the men way taller than her.

Original Post by b2k2010:

@theholla:thanks...quite encouraging

fearless96:you are pretty fast!

Thanks! I run cross country, indoor track, and outdoor track. :) I actually am taking running off until the end of July though, (recommended by my coach). I still run once sometimes twice a week so I don't lose my endurance.

I am 4'10" When I do HIIT or intervals I run at 8.5-8.6 and then mix it up. 7.9 down to 4.7

I'm 5'1" I've been running for two years. I rarely run on a treadmill, but when I do my easy pace is 6.5 with intervals up to 9. My 5k pace is 8:30min/mile, my marathon pace is 10-11:30 min/mile. When you run a marathon there are a lot more variables =)

@marathonchick26, littleshellys,carmenxox:you re really fast!quite inspiring....Cool

im working on improving my endurance so i can run marathons(when i pace myself i can run for long periods at low speeds)....i guess the speed will come by with time

Wow, everyone on here is a superstar! I am 5'2 and my comfortable speed is 5.0mph-5.5mph (depending on the incline). 53 pounds ago I would just about die when running and now I can comfortably run 5k without too much trouble. Yay for running!

Being short isn't much of a hinderance. One of our fastest local women runners (sponsored by solomon) is, at most, 5' 2".

You are on a treadmill, and say that "your legs can't keep up." To see whether it is your fitness or leg speed that is holding you back, try counting your strides per minute once in a while, since you have elapsed time displayed right there in front of you. If you are taking fewer than 160 steps per minute (80 strides per minute), some practice at faster steps may help. Short sprints, with full recovery in between, are good for that. Also, once in a while, you can try running a little slower than usual (to make the cardio part easier), but with shorter steps and a faster step rate to get used to how the faster steps feel. Once you get used to the new step rate, you just increase the length of your steps back to where it was, and you will be running faster than ever. Use caution on this. Any change in stride can make you sore, or worse, if you don't ease into it. Faster steps can make your hip flexors sore, for instance.

You may find that counting on a treadmill is too tedious, or that the act of counting your steps affects how you are running.  If you use an MP3 player, make note of a song that fits your stride rate. Later, at home, you can count the beats/minute by tapping your foot.

PS: I am not saying that shorter steps are for everybody. Very experienced runners have adapted to their most efficient stride rate and lengthen their steps to go faster. Most of them are already running in the 180's (relatively independent of height) and certainly don't need to take shorter steps.

Original Post by sarabliss:

I'm 4'11" as well, and 5.0 is my comfortable run, 4.5 is a jog, 6.0 is a full-out run and 6.5 is definitely a sprint. I don't know if I've ever tried going faster because I've never felt the need to, but I don't think my legs would keep up either. :/

 meee tooo!but im 5'6 i never did a 6.0 scared my legs will not move fast enough

I do intervals of 6.0 and I am 4'8" so I am 3" shorter than you! My hubby (6'0")  and I did an experiment once, we got on treadmills side by side and took a steps in sync for my 3.0 mph he was moving along at 6.1 mph to stay in sync. Short people simply cannot cover the same amount of distance in the same amount of footsteps as a taller person whether it is on treadmill or on concrete/pavement. I take 2.5 steps to every one of my husband's steps at our normal stride. But, that doesn't mean we can't win races or go faster we just have to be in better shape than the tall folks...which is pretty much any winner in any competition *lol*


I'm 5'4" and I consistently run about 6.2 mph on anything longer than 5k runs.  My best 5k time, my pace was 7mph, but I've never been able to match that since. 

I can sprint short distances faster than that, but I can't keep it up for long!

I'm 5'6 or 5'7.  I try to keep my base at around 7.0 and when I sprint I go around 10mph or so give or take.  On my last sprint try and hit 12mph.

If I go any longer than 30 seconds on my last sprint, I would go flying off treadmill though.

For LSD runs, I try and stay around 9:15 to 9:40 pace so whatever that works out to be.

Everybody here needs to realise that what they're doing is a great achievement :)

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