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Exercises to get smaller breasts?

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I hope this doesn't sound like a weird question to ask, but since losing weight i've loved being able to fit into old pants again...but most of my shirts still won't button up around the boob area. So I'd like to focus in on that now when working out. I've tried to google for tips on exercises that would help slim me down on my upper parts, but can't seem to find anything specific on how to do this. If anyone out there knows of good exercises that would make breasts smaller, I'd really appreciate the help :)

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First, a little breast 101: boobies are mainly fat and the rest comprises of tissue that will not budge without the aid of a surgeon. Basically the only way one can reduce the size of their breasts is to lose fat from their entire body; thankfully the recipe for this is extremely simple and I'm sure You already know it seeing as You've been successful in losing weight.

You can call off the search for any specific exercise that would do the trick. You'd be well-advised to just stay on the track that gave You results with fat loss in the first place and maybe invest in a slimming top to make Your upper body more proportionate? In the end Your body type dictates where the fat comes off.

Like Eveliina said:  lose the overall body fat, and your breast size will shrink.  Therefore, do cardio, lift weights, eat right, they will decrease in size...

I've been as small as a 34C and as large as 38DD (and almost everything in between!)--body fat percentage is such a funny thing!

I noticed when I was focusing more on losing overall way using dieting alone I was losing my boobs, but when I combine diet and exercise I didn't lose breast. So it really depends on what's more important overall fitness, or gettin smaller boobs. Plus it may not even work for you. I'd suggest sticking with your regular exercise and diet for a while longer to see what happens.

Also, losing weight on your upper arms and back will help make your boobs look smaller.

Look up chest exersices online - wikipedia is a great source (so's


My experience in the past eight months is that I've lost two cup sizes practicing yoga.  I am now a single-D at 175 lbs (down from 235 20 mos ago), when I was a DD in college at 135 lbs.  I think it may be the inversions and twists.  I've always retained more weight in my chest than I'd like, and yoga has made a difference.  But I've always had more of a cardio and lower body focus in my workouts, and it may just be the first time I've ever managed to tone anything above the waist. 

they're all right, u need to focus on oevrall loss.  when ur body's where u want it to be and if ur breasts arent, it's time to consider surgery.  i know someone who did it and is so glad she did.  it's nto completely pain free, but she can now buy normal bras (way cheaper), less back pain, etc...

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