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Exercises to reduce hip size/tone lower body?

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Hi there

I was wondering if anyone out there would be able to suggest exercises/activities that are particularly good at toning up (and helping reduce the size of!) the hips. I am not technically overweight (although I am aiming to lose a few pounds) but any excess weight I do have always goes on my hips (my waist is 26" and my hips are 40"). I am attempting to tackle this with a healthier, reduced calorie diet (until I reach my goal weight) and also with exercise.

I cycle to work each day (about 5 miles round trip) and have just started running, so hopefully that will help. However, I was wondering if something like yoga would actually help tone me, without making me more bulky? Has anyone achieved hip reduction/tone through this?

Thanks in advance

Hannah x

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Hi Hannah,

I was in the same boat as you, with a 28" waist and 40" hips weighing 135.  Now my hips are 37" and waist is 26" and I weigh 125 (my goal weight).  I did this by reducing my calories to 1500-1800 and exercise.  Primarily my exercise consisted of:  cycling: 5 miles and walking my dog: 2 miles  OR  running: 3 miles and walking my dog:  2 miles/ daily.  Occassionally I will do yoga, but the benefit for me is an increase in flexibilty, a way to stretch my muscles,  and a stress reducer.

Hope this helped!

Thank you for your reply - it's good to know that these things are possible! I hope I can get my hips to 37"!! Well done you Smile
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You might try Pilates.  It isn't specifically focused on the hips, but it does help tone and lengthen your muscles.  If your cycling a great deal, Pilates could help even out the muscle mass in your butt and quads.

 If you decide to look at a Pilates class, make sure the instructor is Method certified.  This apparently is the "correct" Pilates based on the work of the founder, Joe Pilates, and his students.

The "exercise" tab on CC+ can take you to the "workout center", which has a variety of lower body routines.  Here is an advanced one: rset_lower_body_workout.html

There are others modified for skill level and time as well.

on edit:  I do Power Yoga, and it does help with toning the lower body, but not as much as the above targeted exercises would.  Yoga more focuses on the whole body for the most part, but there are routines out there that are supposedly designed for targeting the lower body.  Rodney Yee has a good series of DVDs that are available on Netflix if you want to check them out (Netflix has a whole bunch of DVDs for a lot of exerise options, so it's a good place to try without buying).

Good luck!

callanetics!!!!  I swear by it........ google it, and you'll see. 

Here's a discussion on it: 6.html

here are some before and after photos: ard/ ml

Thank you so much everyone - that's really helpful :)

I had forgotten about Callenetics! I actually have the book (it was my mum's years ago) and so I shall get it out again...the photos above are inspiring!x

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