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Exercises for muscular calves

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I've had muscular calves for most of life. I inherited them from my dad and doing gymnastics when I was young didn't help at all. They are very solid. I am currently about 40 lbs overweight, so the extra weight is causing my calves to get even bigger and more muscular when I work out on the treadmill.

I started using my exercise bike exclusively now, and my thighs are definitely becoming more toned, but I still want to incorporate other types of exercise. I get bored doing the same exercise all the time.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a cardio routine/exercise that will not build up my calf muscles anymore?
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try the elliptical, you shouldn't  totally abandon the treadmill ti will still burn more calories than the bike. You have to remember the lighter you get the smaller your calves will get!

you could also try to over train them and work them everyday on the weight machine, when your over train them the muscle will shrink.
I would never have thought that over-training the muscle would cause them to shrink.

Are you sure about that? It sure would be nice.
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OMG, I have the same issue...popeye calves! I've found that yoga and pilates (along with regular cardio) seems to lengthen them and make them seem less bulky.
I am 100% sure. that is the first response a muscle makes to overtraining.
I'm glad to see I'm not alone. I'm gonna try stepping up my yoga routine and see if that helps. I used to do yoga as my only exercise in my early twenties, but I was 40 lbs lighter and I can't remember what my calves looked like.

Anyway, I'll try that out. Thanks.
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