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Exercises to lose weight with bad knee.

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Any tips or advice or exercise programs, videos, routines and stuff that you guys can recommend for me? I had knee surgery a few months ago and am still recovering from it. I do have the knee routines that my physical therapists gave me to do at home, but I want to do more to help lose weight overall and get into shape. My surgeon told me to absolutely avoid squats and lunges. Walking for any length of time gives me swelling and pain in my knee, so I have to be very careful to not over do that. Since my knee surgery I've gained 13 lbs and am really unhappy about it. I have started swimming once or twice a week, mostly moderate swimming activity with as much kicking as I can stand. I do live in Florida so I can swim for a good portion of the year. I do not have access to a gym and can't really afford a membership.

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so, i am currently in the same position as you...i have a torn miniscus in my right knee and severe swelling and fluid in my left. still no diagnosis though. i just had a baby (c section) 2 months ago and then 10 days after that i had my gallbladder removed. And now i have two bad knees so im really bumbed out that i cant work out. or if i can, i dont know how, i am very anxious too lose this weight but i dont know how you can lose weight without your knees...i.e. walking, running, biking, squats, knee fluxions....i have no clue...and having a 2 month old...its hard enough to eat once a day let alone 6 so lost and have no clue what to do, so when you find out, PLEASE LET ME IN ON THE SECRET!

I have knee problems (chondromalacia, it's chronic but not bad if I watch what I'm doing) and when it first started was quite severe and painful.  I was a bit beside myself with wanting to exercise and not being able to, and found a series of DVDs called Chair Aerobics that you can do seated. The one I liked the best was this one, but there are several in the series.  It's not like you're going to be dripping sweat at the end of them, but it's definitely better than nothing, and it didn't make my knees hurt.

I'd swim more. Swimming is one of the best exercises IMO. You'll strengthen every muscle when swimming. Plus, swimming usually makes muscle more dense, w/o making it bigger. There's even studies suggesting people who swim a lot, live longer...

There's a great article in Men's Health magazine, the recent issue with Josh Duhamel on the cover(not sure if it's August issue). I couldn't find it on the website.

Aquafit classes are great and don't stress my bad knee.  Also if you google chair exercises you can find lots of exercises you can do while sitting.

I have two bad knees to.  A torn miniscus in my left knee and alot of damage to my right knee behind the knee cap.  Both of them crack when i walk up and down the stairs.  My doc told me i could use the elliptical but on low inclines and resistance and of course swimming as it is the best on the joints.  It sucks for me as i like to work out hard.  I use resitance bands to.  I have to strengthen the muscles around my knees to in order to start using them again like normal, although it will never be the same, but it will surely help.   Things to have at home should be a yoga ball, restitance bands, ankle weights and dumb bells.  I have the ab circle pro, but i have to retire that thing until furthur notice from my doctor.

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